Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover

I assume gray is the only “choice.”

Correct. What you see is what you’ll get, but maybe in a different size.

It was 110F here today; fleece just doesn’t sound good right now.

Ordered one for my trip to Alaska next month. Should be perfect for that time of the year.

Don’t hate on a long-sleeved garment without excessively long cuffs.

It won’t always be 110° though.

Sure as heck doesn’t feel like it! :slight_smile:

Here it is on Amazon: Clicky

5 stars with 2 reviews. Prices vary from $15-$40 depending on color and size. The one $14 one I could find had $7 shipping while others qualified for free super-saver shipping or had $5 shipping.

I love when larger sizes are offered because most of the time I feel left out when there are clothing deals.

I’d get it if it weren’t for that obnoxious Rawlings tag on the bottom of the pullover.

Must not have been a baseball player. The Rawlings tag makes the shirt.

Hi,my real name is Howard Rawlings and I like that feature, please explain yourself!

Shouldn’t this be on Shirt Woot? Just sayin’.


nope. only if it came with a design that involved darth vader playing baseball with another overly used geeky character.

i love these pullovers, just don’t need this color.

Oversize cut with rib knit inserts under arms to allow for flexibility and free movement.

What the heck is “rib knit inserts”? I feel like if it is such a selling point, a picture might help. (And no, I have no skill as an athlete so I do not know what this is.)

If any of you play baseball, you already know how great these pullovers are. For those that haven’t, these are simply amazing! They are perfect for spring/fall weather. You get that extra layer without losing range of motion. I highly recommend this, especially at this price!

You dont say??