Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover

Definite no go after I got to this in the description: “Rawlings Oval ‘R’ Logo: Embroidered on center back neck” The dumb Rawlings ‘patch’ along the bottom hem is bad enough to warrant a pass on this item but couple it with a logo on the back of the neckline and the sleeve and a resounding, ‘no thanks’ is the response.

Sorry, I like my clothes without small embroidered billboards for the manufacturer. If your product is good enough, it doesn’t need labels all over the outside in order to sell.

I agree. I don’t buy a product so that I can advertise for its manufacturer. That’s something children like to do.

Branding is everywhere, sad to say. I was trying to find an awesome soccer scarf last night, and was quite dismayed at the limited options that weren’t covered in corporate logos. Seems to just be a trend with sports gear though. :frowning:

So you don’t wear Levi’s, Wranglers, anything Nike, Puma, AeroPostale, A@F,??? Etc… Your clothes must all be home made… Or you must be Amish! Not that that’s bad by any means, it’s just that brands and logos are on practically everything. Rawlings has always been known for their lower patch along the front corner hem line. It’s not just a brand, it’s a trademark!

Do you take all the badging off a new car when you buy one ?

I generally agree, but as a ballplayer myself, it’s a different set of rules. I’m in for 2.

Actually no. I’d recommend the upper lower 48 instead.

I’m kinda impressed that you found any options at all, limited as they may be. All over Europe and here in the States, all soccer clubs feature their corporate sponsor with a tiny patch for their team logo. Here in the Northern Virginia area, it is DC United but they look like the Volkswagens.

Found the pullovers here with quite a few good reviews and similar pricing (~15):


Not sure on shipping though…

edit Just did a ‘live chat’ with this place and got the shipping numbers

Josh D.: Well there is standard shipping 7-10 business days for 6.95, 2nd Day Air shipping for 14.95, and Next Days Air shipping for 24.95

So that comes to about $22 so this Woot is still a better deal, but this other place has more colors.

The accent colors look pretty nice, still no idea what “rib knit inserts” are though.

i think the rib knit inserts are knit triangles in the under arm that increase air flow to keep you cooler.

Unless you want 7 different colors, then shipping is free with that other store.

this might not be the pullover you need right now, but it’s the one you deserve…

a “Dark Knight” quote?! hahah

I was thinking the same thing. All of the ball players I know keep those tags on even when they can easily be removed.

Order two says it has shipped on tracking the order it is in nowhere land. Not sure how who or how to contact people at WOOT that can actually do something about the issue.

It can take a day or two for the packages to get scanned in by the shipper and updated in their system. Give it a day and if you don’t see any movement, email service@woot.com for some help finding it.

Thanks for the info, I am having the same issue. It had said it shipped on Aug. 7 and FedEx “expects” the item to ship on Aug. 7.

It is now the 14th and I am starting to wonder.

Same status here (expected ship date Aug 7). At one point it said expected delivery Aug 10 but after the 10th that went away. Weird.

I put in a Service Request with Woot! and got a response back a couple of hours later.

There was a shipping issue with their vendor. It appears to have been corrected and my shirt should ship out today.