Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover

Is that tag on the front of the shirt easily removable?

I thought about buying, but I don’t think this will fit me properly.

Anyone knows how the sizing compares to Woot’s shirts?

So, these run a little large.

I have rawlings, I like rawlings, at this price I might buy a couple.

I bought one the last time it was on sale. The tag is sewn on pretty good and doesn’t feel like it would be easy to remove. It has like a space for a name and number, presumably if one were to buy for a whole team.

Bought one of these,hate it! Material looks and feels like one of those supermarket reusable grocery bags.The one I got(XL) seems a little large which is fine,have not washed it yet. Do grocery bags shrink when washed?

I have one of these in maroon and love the look and feel of it. It’s very warm and cozy.

The tag is definitely not meant to be removed.

Dude, yeah… These are just like the pro-wear from the dispenser!

So if I’m in the adult M range (38"-40" chest) being about 39-40", should I stick with the Medium or go down to a small? Basically, how “run a little large” do they run beyond their description? Thanks.

If it was sewn on, it can be removed. You can take off with a seam ripper which only costs a few dollars. There maybe residual little holes but that should disappear over time and with washing.

Does anyone know if the length of this shirt is longer than the average T-shirt? Anyone have a L or XL that you could measure from the back neck down to the bottom edge? Thanks!

Specs on these are wrong. I got an adult medium and the thing is HUGE. I think its like a 46" chest or something.

Sorry to hear bout it but thank you for your sharing, almost hit the yellow button.

Can I get 5 dozen?

I bought one of these last time also. I got an XL, but it definitely feels like XXL. I haven’t washed it yet, so I don’t know if it will shrink at all. Otherwise, I like it a lot.

Aww Man! I know you guys say these run a little large, but I’m 6’7"… I can never seem to find stuff on woot (besides shirt.woot) that run in my size, shoes included. I need a 3XL top and size 15 shoe :frowning:

Uh, no. Sorry. Limit 3.

I think these run larger than normal because they are meant to be worn over a uniform.