Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover

Oh Geez! These again? This is like the 3rd time Woot has had these on. They are either a great seller/money maker for Woot… Woot has a contract with Rawlings, or they have been such a poor seller, Woot is still trying to get rid of them. Which is it?

can someone explain to me how to order 2 different sizes? seems like I can buy 3 of the same size but if I want different sizes I will have to pay extra shipping.

Check out top right corner of the site.

"$5 All You Can Ship

For a limited time, one $5 charge covers standard shipping on all your Woot orders within the same calendar day!

You heard us right. After you pay the initial $5 standard shipping charge on your first Woot order of the day, everything else you buy before midnight Central time gets free standard shipping."

if these run large, how is 2XL already sold out?

you can specify a size seperately for each one you order.

you can also create a seperate account if you need 3 smalls and 3 larges for example

Regarding the discussion on size, I see that the tendency is for these to “run large”. I happen to be in that size zone where I have a mix of XL and XXL shirts.

For example, when I buy from shirt.woot, I get XXL and they fit me pretty well. Even though the size chart says 26" across (or same as 52" around), they fit me slightly toward the “too small” side, but it works for me since I’m not wearing a shirt underneath.

On the other hand, I have a custom NFL jersey that’s XXL – the same 50" - 52" size range that’s indicated for the Rawlings shirt, and it kind of hangs on me (slightly too large) even with a shirt on underneath.

So I think it’s fair to assume that the size of the Rawlings shirt would run closer to the size of the football jersey in that it’s considered athletic gear that would go over top of something. And therefore, if you’re stuck “between sizes” like I am, I would go with the XL in this case because of the oversized fit.

Hope this helps!

Oh by the way, baseballsavings.com has these in different colors for $15.97 plus $6.99 shipping. Not a better deal, but if Gray (ahem, Graphite, excuse me) is not your thing, it’s not a horrible price.

I bought a couple of these the last time they were up. An XL for me and a Medium for my son, the Medium fit me just fine, it was way too large for him, the XL was very large on me.

Could be the 3XL people bought them or maybe Woot only had a dozen 2XL to start with.

It’s part of a Satanic plot in the apparel industry known as “vanity sizing”.