Rawlings Long Sleeve Fleece Pullover

These are true to fit, and will last a while if you take care of them!

Buy a size down. They run VERY large.

I normally ware a large, but these larges were more like XL or XXL on me.

How many times are y’all going to sell this?

A Rawlings shirt in every wooter’s home!

Any word on what model this is?

Here is what I said last time:

“I am 6’2”, weigh around 190, and a medium was perfect for me. It fits a little loose on me, but I’m not swimming in it. The sleeves come down right to my wrists/hands (you could have the sleeves cover part of your hand if you want, but it won’t go much farther).

It’s a sports pullover, so it’s going to be a larger medium so that it can be “pulled over” what you’re wearing as an extra layer of warmth."

What kind of fleece is this? The polyester fleece I’m familiar with is all furry and it’s usually used on furry jackets or blankets. This stuff looks more like a thick dri-fit type material. So, is this furry on the inside or on the outside (but can’t tell from the photo)?

Holy bejesus - Rawlings must have made a billion of these things!

The material isn’t thick at all. It feels like fleece on the inside, but it isn’t “furry fleece”. It still holds heat in incredibly well. I have no problems wearing only a t-shirt underneath this in 45-50° weather. Perfect for staying warm in the rain if you add a rain coat.

I tried to post images, but they didn’t come through for some reason, maybe too big.

Seriously, how many times must this be the sports woot!? You’ve sold all you’re going to sell, give them to charity already.

I’m a 5’2" woman. I usually wear an XS top but I’m curvy. The youth large fits great. Sleeves were perfect length. If I didn’t have hips a medium would have worked.

Need more colors. I’ve seen quite the variety on Amazon that look nice, but nowhere near Woot’s price.

I have one,the material is the same as a reusable shopping bag you can get for a dollar at your local supermarket. Slide this bad boy on and you could star as a space cadet in one of those 1950’s sci-fi flicks.

Got one last time. Not blown away, but glad a I have another pullover for the upcoming winter. Happy with the purchase, happy I only have one.

I ordered 4 of these last time they were on sale. Still have not shipped. ???

Actually the gray color works out well for me. These look best with a tee shirt underneath, and gray goes with just about anything. I was hoping these would show up again. Thanks Woot!

$12.88 on Amazon and with Prime Shipping works out cheaper than here.



[MOD: Different color. Gray on the same page is $24.99.]

Aw, be nice. Remember there are new wooters all the time, plus not all of us have the money for an item the first or third time it shows up.

It took me a couple of times of this being up to actually hit the buy button. Sure it is frustrating to keep seeing the same item time and time again but people do buy it, whether for the first time or because they want a second one for themselves or a friend.

Heck I know there are a few Woots I am waiting for a repeat on, hoping to pick up more or because I missed it the first time.

Seriously though, there are about 1500 other items for sale today, I think there might be something to distract you from the repeating pullover.