Rawlings Sports Apparel

The Rawlings shirts are true to size. I ordered an XXL and it fit perfectly.

There isn’t much give in the material so if you like a looser fit, get a size larger.

They are well made and look like they will last for years to come.

Excellent! Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:

i was ready to buy one, but there’s no 3XL offered. :frowning:

I wonder if these would be good for snowboarding. I have though about getting some shorts like this to protect myself on some of my more nasty spills.

Any thoughts?

Unless those thin pads are made of flubber, they don’t look very protective.

They are basically the same material as a standard baseball jersey.

They would be good to wear under thicker clothing like under a sweatshirt as an added layer for snowboarding or other winter sports.

But they could also be worn alone during warmer weather and I doubt you’d get too hot wearing them.

those are not flubber…they stiffen up when hit. I got it from the last time. slamed a 2x3 over my hand with the thing over it. My knuckled hurted like hell. If both sides of the pad turned hard, then this pad is effectively transferring all force directly from the wood to my hand. If the side facing the skin remained soft, the segmented pieces cannot act as one single shield and distribute the force over a wider area, thus my knuckle got the blunt of the force.

While I recognize they are made to be form fitting (compression)–the youth pants are extremely small. My 45lb six year old couldn’t even pull on the mediums from the last sale.

  1. the padding does not have to act as one single shield, as long as it distributes the impact over an area…
  2. …or over a period of time.
  3. The padding might absorb energy to turn the gel material into a solid.

I got them for exactly that reason and just need some snow before I can give a good review.

I bought mine on here about a week ago for $4 more! What a rip! I bought my true size and it fit well with room. Gonna be a great shirt for this fall.

  1. If one strikes in a small area (as with a hammer), a shin guard will distribute that force over the whole shin. But since these pieces are segmented. It will only transfer the force into the pieces right under that strike area.

2 & 3 Not sure, since it stiffens on impact, the subsequent force will continue to transfer to the skin below…unless as I mentioned, the layer below the part that stiffens up continues to stay pliant and displace the impact.

Woot sent me a different item from what I’ve ordered. I don’t know if they can still replace it.

I’m in the same boat as you… I ordered the rib padded shirt, and they sent me the shoulder padded shirt… :confused: I sent a message via their “service” e-mail, so we’ll see…

I’m sure they’ll do their best to help out if they can, thank you for mailing in!

I see they have these up again on SPORT! WOOT!, so I’m ordering the rib-padded shirt and hope they get it right this time… I need this shirt for kart racing, and don’t have a lot of time to play with… Hopefully WOOT! gets back to me about the first order and can work something out for me…

I ordered two of the sweatshirts, and only one got delivered. I sent a message to their service account, but haven’t heard back from them, yet. I’m curious if anybody else had this issue.

Did you get an automated response at least? That’s how you know it was received by service@woot.com :slight_smile:

Once you get that, issues are handled in the order they are received, so hang in there!

Also got the wrong top. Ordered the Rib shirt for Martial Arts use, and got the padded shoulders one…Sad day! Sent in my email to support!