Adorably fierce! Congrats!

Awful cute for such a big RAWR!

Jurassic cuteness!

A mighty bite of cute ; )

Cue Jurassic Park theme on kazoo. :^)

The picture of the shirt looks black, but when ordering it says it’s navy. Anyone know which one it is? I’m not really interested anymore if it’s on a navy shirt.

Looks navy blue on my screen, and says navy, so I’m going with navy.

It’s navy.

Grats Blair! First place on your first print- That’s how it’s done!

RAWR! I would like black as well…why Navy?

From the looks of it, would Navy work better with the color scheme?

Guess my monitor is a bit outta whack, I was seeing black too. Or maybe since 4 of 5 woot shirts are on black, my brain color corrects for it.

Blue is better.

Black would be much better.

I’m one of the people that thought the shirt was black at first. It would both look better and be more thematic as black. I’m likely to pass on it since it’s navy.

Congrats on your first print, Blair!

Congrats on a great debut, Blair!

Belated congrats on first print with a first place finish and a strong 1759 sales on debut day!

Was going to buy until I saw it was on a Navy shirt…

Worst shirt ever! Not the design, but the actual shirt. I ordered my kid a size 6. The shirt is more like a 4 and twice as wide as my kid. So order at least 1-2 sizes larger and only if you have a wide kid.