Ray-Ban Chromance Polarized

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Ray-Ban Chromance Polarized
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are they come with uv protection???

I’m silently correcting your grammar

** Maverick:** Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Tower: Negative, Ghost Rider, pattern is full.

Check if your car has polarized windows. Lots of cars have that these days. If they do, you’ll see spots or a checkered pattern in the glass when you wear these. Otherwise, I highly recommend polarized glasses.

I need a new pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing. I’ve usually had the brown/amber lenses in the past, but I like these blue/grey lenses.

Any fisher people out there use blue/grey polarized lenses? Other issues?

Yes. All Ray-Bans have UV Protection.

OMG you just changed my world…all this time, I thought there was some magic cosmic interaction going on between my sunglasses and windshield, and now…double polarization!! Cool stuff!

Any chance the model # can be added to the photo as it would be helpful when knowing what I’m ordering.

Do these have mirror finish or not?

They are there. :\

They’re in the features and captioned on the photos.

Looks like Chromance is a mirrored lens.

Seriously? Cars do not have polarized windows. Please refrain from posting on subjects you know nothing about. Unbelievably stupid!

Not intentionally polarized, but the tempering process does cause the effect he’s talking about. https://www.revantoptics.com/blog/why-youre-seeing-rainbows-in-car-windows/

The first time I saw that I freaked out. IT was an unusually hot day and I thought something had “ruined” my car windows.