Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

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Ray-Ban Eyeglasses
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Can the lenses be taken out of these to swap in prescription lenses or are they just for show?

I’m confused… I figured these were reading glasses, but no mention is made of any magnification setting? So these are just a prop?

Normally, people get their frames from optometrists who give package discounts, that can be sizable. Are you going to blow all the savings from the frames on the lenses and cutting the lenses? It seems likely.

Are these just the frames? Or are there non-prescription plastic lenses included?

Specifically asking about the Ray-Ban RX5248-2012 Havanas

Thank you!

“Prescription lenses not included.”. Some eyeglass places will just put in lenses for you, some won’t. America’s Best will replace lenses, so if this is a good deal, then go for it.

An online option for lens only replacement https://www.lensabl.com/

Morning all. These are frames that you would take to someplace to get prescription lenses.

They are NOT reading glasses.

Are you serious? Optometrists mark up frames big time. You won’t find a pair of frames for this price at any of them especially Raybans. You can have your prescription lens put into them and save probably $100 at this price.

Awesome! Very helpful! Thank you!

I’m going to get these so I can look like a pretentious hipster. I hope Woot has fake beards on sale tomorrow. In for 3!

What size are these frames, in mm?

EDIT: NVM, saw these details are available in the spec section.

Costco will also do lens only if you bring them frames.

If your Insurance company allows your eyeglass place to jack up the price because you brought your own frames then they are not acting in your interest. If your eyeglass place jacks up the price because you brought your own frames leave and find a new place.

I have 15 year old Wayfarers that I have had new lenses put into more than once, and my regular frames are almost 30 years old and have had lenses replaced many times as well. I have never been told I could not bring my own frames or that there would be a penalty if I did. My insurance allows new lenses every year and new frames and lenses every two years and I have lousy insurance. If I get lenses or lenses and frames within the frame price limit the price is the same. You need to find a new place to buy glasses.

I’m about to reveal the biggest secret about Raybans of all. If you look at prices of frames in an eyeglass place you will find out that at around $100 for a set of frames Raybans are actually the lowest priced frames out there. They actually put the Raybans in the fancy case so you will believe they are expensive and not buy them.

Here is another secret, they don’t normally put prices on the frames because you would never pick the $250 frames that are next to the $125 frames if they both had prices on them. Go to a web site like Glasses.com and shop by price, you will be shocked at the prices of frames.

No insurance works like that. The discounts for the frames are separate from the discounts for the lenses, so you can choose to just replace the lenses instead of the entire set. I’ve never been able to just swap lenses because it would leave me without glasses for a week or so, but this seems like a great idea for adding a second pair for me to have around as a different look than my current ones.

I bought a few prescription glasses from www.goggles4u.com all for under $10 each and have been very satisfied. Just the plain basic model, but they have others.

Soul patches and mock turtlenecks.

Literally ALL of this is completely erroneous.

Not only are Ray Ban quite expensive, but retailers absolutely put the prices on the frames, with little, obvious tags, very easy to pick up and see.

Furthermore, why on earth would any retailer do something to REDUCE sales - to any brand? Those that don’t make money for them are simply eliminated.

Even if I hadn’t seen all of this a month ago while shopping for frames, common sense would still dictate my points.

These are unbeatable prices for these frames. If you like 'em, buy 'em.