Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

What size are these? 55mm or 52? There is contradictory information on the sale page.

These are 55 mm

there are 2 colors available, green/black and black/green. is the frame green on one of these? don’t see that in the photos.

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Seconded. Clarification would be much appreciated. The pictures look like the difference may be that “black/green” is model 2132 901 and “green/black” is model 2132 622, but the spec information does not change when toggling between the two options.

I think everyone has gone home but I believe you are correct.

There’s Black/Green:
Ray-Ban RB2132 901 52-18 52-18 Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Black 55


Rayban RB2132.622.55 New Wayfarer BLACK RUBBER 55


You better get your ass home if you aren’t already. You work too much

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