Ray-Ban Polarized Original Wayfarer

Are you guys sure these are photos of Original Wayfarers? The lens shapes don’t look square enough to me.

Bought a pair of Chinese knock-offs for $20. Took a month to get but you can’t tell the dif.

So these look exactly like the 5 dollar knockoffs you can get at any gas station in America. 10 if you want them polarized. Maybe I’m just unfashionable, but spending even 50 bucks or so on these things seems incredibly dumb.

Talked with our buyer. We’re sure these are the Original Wayfarer. This is a repeat sale and we’ve had no customer issues on them.

After closely looking at the photos, we do see what you’re talking about and are asking the vendor if the photos are correct.

UPDATE: vendor confirms the photos are correct and these are the original wayfarers.

Wow!!! This is an AWESOME DEAL!!! I love woot!!!

They’re $150 MSRP on the Rayban website… if 10% off is an “AWESOME DEAL!!!” it might be time to remove Woot from the ol’ bookmarks.

$200 for polarized. If polarizing a lens is worth $50 to you, it might be time to remove that manufacturer from the ol’ noggin. Polarizing compound costs literally pennies.

This is some Luis Vutton valley girl shit going on. See if your girl Paris Hilton can hook you up next time.

That lens shape is not the original RB2140 Wayfarer. These are.

The lens is unbranded because they are prescription.

Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about.

Yeah, and you’re wasting your $5 on a pair of crap that’ll fall apart in a week. They may look somewhat similar from the outside, but it’s also important to some of us that they give a clear view of the world through quality lenses, something your $5 pair won’t have.

Also, these lenses are glass, which are much more scratch reisistant than your cheapos. That’s REALLY important to me as I tend to be a little rough with my shades. I actually have a pair of Ray-Ban Caravans that I bought over five years ago. Finally, even they got too scratched up, so I simply went on eBay and found some replacement lenses for around $25. Took me about 15 minutes to change the lenses and now they’re just like new. Totally worth the $80 I originally spent on them.

Enjoy your disposables though. You might want to buy about a dozen pairs to get you through a year of use, if they last even that long. Personally, I’ve found that buying Ray-Bans is money well spent.