Ray-Ban RB4162 Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

According to Facebook, I can buy this for $19.99

I’m afraid they would break when I punched myself in the face for being an idiot who spent $77 on a pair of sunglasses.

My last pair of these I had for 36 years and they only broke because my son stepped on them. Best glasses ever.

they are avail for $154 and $187 from 2 other retailers. I see nothing anywhere that says buy for $19.99…so a good deal

$77 is cheap for a pair of quality sunglasses and polarized to boot. I used to spend several hundred on sunglasses when i was a young man with no responsibility…not now.

can you post a link to what you are refering to? thanks

careful, Im now reading it is a rayban hack/spam. It also happened in 2017. These cannot legitimately be had for 19.99…

Just so that post isn’t misread. Ours are authentic Ray-Ban glasses.

No, you’re paying for the brand name and then convincing yourself that they must be “quality” because you just payed an outrageous amount for them, and admitting to yourself that they aren’t substantially better something you could get for 1/3 the price would force you to confront the fact that you’re a huge sucker.

Quality polarized sunglass lenses cost a few dollars to make, as do the frames; after that it’s just a matter of getting you to pay a 20-50x markup for the brand name. Sure, these will be better quality than something that you find at the drugstore for $5, but you can easily get glasses with comparable lenses for under $30 (although you might have trouble enjoying them as much, since they cost less, making it harder for you to convince yourself that they are supurbe quality).

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was referring to the ones on facebook, i believe that those adds are spam etc…I have no doubt that woots are the real deal.

I understood your post. :slight_smile: I was worried about some reading it too fast and thinking it was ours.

no problem, thanks

Can anyone tell me…are these typically larger size frames that are made for men’s faces?

Are you the same person that came around another time woot was selling ray bans and was full of snarky remarks that time, too?

Nope. Maybe he didn’t show up this time because he figured I have it covered?

He is the person trying to tell you not to overpay for sunglasses that are NO better than $5 sunglasses. He is on your side.

Have you tried walking into a door instead??