Ray-Ban Sunglasses YOU NEED

C’mon Woot, these are sunglasses. The markup on sunglasses is something like 1000%. A discount of 43% off the “list” price is pretty insulting.

Say what you will about expensive sunglasses, but in my experience, cheap sunglasses break, and expensive sunglasses don’t. I bought a pair of the tortoise ones with glass lenses a while ago, and I adore them.

If they had classic wayfarers in black, I’d be in for another pair to get my prescription in. (I’ve had the same pair of white new wayfarer frames as prescription sunglasses since 2010! They really do last a long time!)

I agree, cheap sunglasses don’t last. I’ve worn the same pair of Oakley’s for about 7 years and they still look great. These list prices are pretty similar to what you’ll see in a store.

The prices aren’t GREAT, but they are about as low as you’re going to find. They are the same price or cheaper than Amazon (depending on what style you get). It also definitely beats eBay or other sites with rampant fakes and/or arduous return processes. These come with the standard 90 day Woot warranty too. In my opinion, you can’t beat a deal like this from a trusted company…hence why I picked up my first pair of Ray-Bans a couple minutes ago.

These are all great prices for Ray Ban. Plus the are all Rxable, so you can put your eyeglass prescription in them too.

I have the new wayfarer polarized and they are some of the best glasses ive worn in my life. I LOVE how crisp everything looks through these lenses, highly recommended.

Can someone explain what the 52mm vs 55mm measures? The width of the lense? Or something else? Reviewers on the internet all seem to think they’re different things.

I second the question. I believe it’s the spacing between the centers of the eyes, but I don’t understand why it’s an issue for sunglasses, which don’t magnify or otherwise change the image (of course, aside from brightness…). Can someone explain?

It is the actual width of the lens.

For New Wayfarer you have choices of 52mm or 55mm

For Original Wayfarer you have choices of 50mm and 54mm

Hay hay, I checked with our team and got this snazzy graphic to help illustrate the measurements, I hope it helps:

Awesome. I watched some videos comparing the two sizes of the new wayfarers, and I think the 52mm will work for me, so I got one. They’re selling out fast.

Sell me a pair Woot!

I know you have more in stock of the black polarized aviators. You can’t hide them from me!!!

Are you for real?
These are high quality sunglasses made in Italy and the prices are fantastic.
Unfortunately they ran outta my size in the “new style” (which is really like the old 80’s frame) because I would love a second pair.


The classic wayfarer’s are the one’s that are modeled after the old 80’s frame. We still have the classic style in tortoise at 50mm and 54mm.


I don’t know. The arms on my “new styles” seem like the pair of Wayfarers I bought in the 80’s.
They are more straight back as opposed to curving over the back of the ear.

Like these -


Ordered a pair of the 55mm “new style” and they were definitely smaller than I expected. Just ordered a pair of 54mm classics instead which is the original style (didn’t see them when I first ordered).

I am still patiently waiting for some RB8301. Woot staff, please ask your buyers to try to get some of that model for the next sale!!

Some of these are cheaper on Amazon if you have Prime. I just bought a pair of the 50mm classic Wayfarers for $3 less on Amazon.

Has anyone received theirs yet? I am worried about their authenticity. Woot doesn’t say where they come from and sunglasses are easy to fake (and often faked – a retailer is currently under investigation at Amazon for this).