Ray-Ban Sunglasses



74 bucks on Overstock:


Fast searching! Who can find us some more?


Damn it, just purchased. Hopefully Woot does one of those rare price match and then beats it by 10%. Come on woot, I believe in you


Are the full size details available? I see lens-width is listed but nothing for arm-length or nose width.


Looking at the picture, those don’t appear to have the polarized lenses like most of these do. Still a pretty good deal though.


Are the glasses actually appearing as available for anyone to purchase when you follow the link? The page said they’re out of stock when I first checked it this morning, (and since the Ray-Ban site lists them as discontinued, unless someone finds extra boxes in a warehouse somewhere quick,) they likely are out of their “overstock” permanently. Searches of other sites bring them up for $99+, so these appear to be pretty decent deals.

However, I second the sizing info comment; I need more details because I need some way to be able to figure out how they’ll fit me properly.
Google found plenty of crap, but not too much had anything in the way of useful details there. I’d even take a personal review in lieu of statistics, since it’d make the info relative to head size without me having to find a metric ruler!

Otherwise, I’ll have to go with the buy-and-try method, where I’ll need to play them off as a present for my husband if I decide I don’t like the fit! (They’re a bit pricey for me to use this as a go-to though.)

The full sizing of the 4110 model is 64-13-120.
I also just found out that most sunglasses (that cost more than the $8 I usually spend,) have their size stamped on the inside of the stems… and ones I have right now are too wide and fall off, and are sized at 62-17-131.
(To put the size into perspective - for what it’s worth - I’m a petite female, have a proportionately sized melon with high cheekbones, and can usually wear kids sized glasses comfortably.) Sadly, I’m gonna have to pass. Darn it!


Ditto davemays123. Those say RB4110 P, but polarized Ray-Bans have a “P” after the lens logo. You can see that on Woot’s photo, and I verified it on the RBs sitting on my desk. It also lists the polarization (3P) inside the left temple. The cheapest polarized RBs I could find on Overstock are $92, and they do list the lens protection level:

Also, I’ve learned never to trust an Overstock price on something that isn’t in stock. These are pretty good prices for polarized Ray Bans.

Actually, I wonder if a staffer could verify that the RB3390 is polarized. They don’t have the P after the logo, and you can’t make out the info in the temple from the images.


RB4111’s in white and I’ll be in for one.

(FYI, that goes for any quality brand name you may have in the future. If they look similar to those with white frames, I’m in.)


These aren’t very good deals. You can find the same prices on multiple sites.


What model are you even looking at? The 4111 range from $130+ from authentic retailers so it’s a pretty good deal here.


No speed shipping woot? Grr…


Not for polarized.


What is the average melon size for petite sized females? He asks with trepidation in his voice.


Yes, for polarized. Try Google.








The fighter pilots made Ray-Ban popular in WWII. Ray Ban is known for high quality optics and polarized lenses.


You mean the classic Aviator. Yep, they never go out of style. I got my RB3234 55mm weeks ago from Beach Camera’s Ebay Store for an unbeatable $69 with free shipping (Got mine in a quick 3 days NJ to CA). Btw for folks looking for one (or two), they still offer that same low price…sans the gold frames currently.

This is one RayBan Woot without Aviators I noticed. Some RB models here if I’m not mistaken, are Luxottica’s sourced from China, and not the Italian mades.

Shopwiki is a good place as well to search and compare Ray Ban models & prices…


Does anyone know if you can return something to Woot that doesn’t fit?


FYI, from the ebay site you posted above:

Polarized: No


Indeed. I did not say at all about the lens being polarized (wreaks havoc on my eyes reading anything lcd).

These RB’s have the glass G15XLT lens. Besides, I already have quiet a few polarized Luxottica made shades…no need to add.