Ray-Ban Tech Carbon Fibre Sunglasses

Are these glass or polycarbonate lenses?

Well, Ray-Ban doesn’t specify but other sites say glass.

Are these polarized?

Not likely or it would have been mentioned in the write-up. I have a couple similar pairs of Ray-Bans and neither are polarized, unfortunately.

Still, I really like the ones I have and am tempted by this offer…

Not polarized. :slight_smile:

Any idea on size? I need larger frames and lenses.

Part of your website says theses glasses are polarized. But the spec say they’re non-polarized. What up with that?

Where does it say they’re polarized?

They are not polarized.

Anyone know what happened to the polarized Ray-Bans in yesterday’s WOOT email? The link sends me to the My Pillow woot.

The ones from sneak peek email will go on sale later this week. :slight_smile:

They do look a lot a like.

Thank you to the buyer for help me with this!

Do these come with the typical Ray-Ban case?

You know, despite what the specs page says, from the pictures I’m not convinced that the actual frame part of these (as opposed to the temples) is carbon fiber (or fibre if we must). That, in my experience is where the stress and wear is on sunglasses.

Woot staff, can you confirm these frames are 100% carbon fiburr?

Chromance lenses are like the old mirrored ones except slightly less like a mirror. Little too much like an 80s CHIPs character.

Is this China made or Italy made , anyone know ? Thanks.


Size lens-bridge: 62 18
Temple Length: 135

Thanks , pass .

Zoom in on the lenses. They say “Ray-Ban”, not “Ray-Ban P”. Unpolarized.

Aviator sunglasses are usually non-polarized. I am not an aviator but I need non-polarized glasses in order to see the info in my car’s windshield (HUD). BTW - The info I’ve gleaned says this glasses are made in China.

I got my son a pair of their Scuderia Ferrari sunglasses on sale here before X’mas and he loves them.