Ray-Ban Wayfarers: Spring Stylin'

Are these “new wayfayers” the lighter and less bulky ones?

Where’s the tortoise shell?

The classic style slants a bit forward from your face. The new wayfarer style sits straight on your face and has a slightly different fit as noted in the measurements.



We had a last minute inventory change and had to remove this item from the sale. Sorry for any confusion. Plenty of other styles to choose from though:-)


Yes, same “look” but not quite as huge. I have had a pair for 8 years and they are just now needing to be replaced from scratches. Love them

Sort of. Depending on how old you are, the “new” wayfarer is actually about as close as you can get to the old school ones we use to wear like 30+ years ago.
Bummed I missed the polarized ones in black, that was a great deal.
Nice to have a backup.

I got the classic ones in tortoise shell a while back, and I love them. I was initially weirded out, because I didn’t realize that the lenses were glass when I ordered, but it’s actually really nice that they’re a little bit heavier. They stay in place well and are extra comfortable.

So if you’re skeptical at all because of the glass lenses, you should go for it!

What is the full model number for this pair? I was looking for the 3N brightness ray-bans…

Sorry, which pair are you asking about?

Ray-Ban RB2140 Classic Wayfarer, Black

Thanks for coming back. The title lists this: Ray-Ban RB2140.901/58.50. Is that what you need?

The pair I’m looking for has “RB2140 901 50 22 3N” printed on them. From what I understand the 2140 references the “classic” model and the 50_22 is the lens size. the 3N is for the brightness of the lens so they’re a little darker which I was going for. But I’m not sure if this is the same pair or not…

My guess is likely not, the last four numbers don’t match.

is a case included?
Ha~ I see! A case IS included.

I NEED glasses!