Rayon from Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Rayon from Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow
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I read some Amazon reviews and quite a few people say it’s rather large and poofy once expanded fully. I can’t sleep very well on a thick pillow. Anyone have this pillow and can comment?

I have seen 2 versions of this pillow a firm and a soft… Which are these?

I bought two of these pillows, and while I absolutely love the feel of them, I had to give mine up after waking up with major neck pains. After seeing my chiropractor and explaining what happened, he recommended I go back to a softer pillow that supports the curvature of the spine.

I have these pillows! I’ve been looking for more of them for some time! Off all places, I bought mine from a guy selling them at my state fair. My kids have been wanting some for their beds so two king-size two packs should top us off.

In short, the king size ones are pretty ginormous. Two will stretch across a king size bed and they are about twice as thick as a normal pillow. They’ve got that thick, mold to your head/neck feel and aren’t feathery-light feeling pillows. If you swung one of these at someone you would knock them down.

Is the cover removeable?

The cover is 40%bamboo 60%junk?
If that’s the case - wouldnt call it bamboo, wou l d call m it polyester with a little other.
Or is that a poly cover over the chunks of foam and a 100% bamboo removable cover?

Re: removable - 1st photo top left seems to be a zipper pull.

The point of bamboo is its a natural fiber, why pollute it.

Probably can’t use if cover has the toxic polyester…highly allergic. Usually w/ a good natural cover under a natural pillow case I can tolerate memory foam of good quality.

My husband and I bought these pillows from groupon https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-memory-foam-pillows-with-bamboo-covers-1
and they were the WORST! The memory foam is shredded and bunches up on either side of the pillow away from your head. We ended up tossing them they were so bad and uncomfortable

I bought two of the Rafael Collection from Bamboo Memory Pillow from another site and absolutely love them. They are quite thick and giving, but still provide enough support.
Just based on the pictures, these appear to be a thinner version of what I currently have, so possibly these are the firmer version that whyu mentioned.

This kind of strikes me as a “you know you’re taking a risk” purchase, since comfort is very subjective. I for one am use to a firm reshapable “pillow” that costs anywhere between $10 to $100+, depending on which squishy shirts I pile up.

Sorry for the late reply.

According to Woot Staff these are the “soft version

Thanks for the inquiry!

Didn’t buy my pillows from Woot but I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone. Hard as a rock! Uncomfortable. Had to bang them around to break up the insides after removing them from the box they came in. Not pliable at all. Spend your money on something else!

Hi, there are indeed two versions of these pillows. The harder, and thicker ones and the averages sized softer ones. These are indeed soft and plushy so it’s not too firm.

One of mine arrived with a hole in the inside memory foam cover so the insides are spilling out. Me sad. :frowning:

The outer cover is removable but the inner cover that contains the foam cannot be opened–but, seems to be easily punctured–as mine arrived with a hole in it.

The bright side is I get to see what the inner foam looks like!

I’m sorry. please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Both pillows arrived with huge holes. The material used for the pillow tears apart like toilet paper. Stay away from this pillow in case Woot decide to sell this again.

My pillows arrived and over half the pillows are empty!!! There is not enough stuffing to even lay my head on these to sleep. VERY DISAPPOINTED…

Mine arrived yesterday. They were noted by a previous poster as NOT the firm kind, and they are thinner than most of this sort of pillow I have tried… Thankfully that is what I wanted…I don’t like a thick pillow.

The fill is loose enough you can mold it around your head and neck, which I like as I am replacing my “Side sleeper Pro” also bought on woot. They don’t have the “smell” some memory foam pillows have.

Slept fine on it last night.