Rayon from Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

Rayon from Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows


Aspiring bachelor wants to know:
I use a pillow protector and a pillowcase. Do I care if the foam is encapsulated in rayon…or whatever?

We were wondering how these hold up in the wash.

We purchased a dozen (possibly a little more than that) of what was supposed to be washable pillows, and more than half started to tear. The filling started to come out. The washing machine was just a mess…even after using the delicate cycle.

Anyone know how “durable” these are? We would love to gift some washable pillows to veterans stuck in hospital. :grin:

Yes they are washable. You just have to shake them out again after each wash/dry. I’ve had mine for about 7 years. I wash it regularly. I take my pillow everywhere with me and absolutely Love it!
Also, I’ve washed it in my home washer/dryer as well as industrial washer/dryers

Wow! That is amazing to hear. We were thinking about getting this for some friends stuck in the VA.

We were going to get them some other bed/back rest pillows, but we were informed by some of the hospital staff that it might get in the way so it would not be a good idea.

Regular pillows we could switch out on a regular basis to wash might be approved. We were eyeing some really nice, soft, 100% cotton cases that would probably fit these pillows.

This might be what we are looking for.

We are not sure, but we may have seen these last year at one of the big box/club stores. One of the veterans really wanted a MyPillow, but we had a difficult finding them locally. He may go for one of these instead if we get the go ahead.

Thanks for letting us know how much you liked these. :hugs:

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We were wondering how warm these might get sleeping on it.

We bought one of those “shaped” or curved memory pillows, and the nurse told a it made the veteran a little sweaty.

Did you find these pillows to be the same?