Rayovac Batteries

How is a 96 pack more expensive per battery then the smaller 72?

Truth? Shipping weight.

if it were shipping weight the price would increase exponentially. 96 batteries should cost $24.

I thought that is why we pay a shipping charge. is Woot! charging us a built in fee for shipping on top of a shipping charge?

This has always been with the case. The $5 shipping fee (or “Free shipping” in other sites) is just a way to make you think the shipping fees are low.

They’re not going to sell you something only to take a loss on the shipping.

On the plus side with woot and really any online vendor if you need to make a return you get more of your money back. for example if you buy something for $1 with $10 shipping as is often the case on Ebay, your return will only be for the $1 and you lose the shipping. If the item just sold for $11 with free shipping you would get all of your money back in case of a return.

If a unit weighed 1 ounce and postage for one pound were $5 then I could expect to pay $0.31 per unit if I posted 16 units.

If the postage for two pounds were $7 then I could expect to pay $0.41 per unit if I posted 17 units. I could also expect to pay $0.21 per unit if I posted 32 units.

Thus, cost may either be increased or decreased by increases in shipping weight.


ok. didn’t understand most of what of what you said. probably due to beer.

but if someone claims a quanity of 96 cost more than 72 due to shipping, the cost per unit should be equal. the vendor wants the 96 pack to cost more and thats fine. its their item.

but don’t blame it on shipping.

Actually, with the $5.00 postage, it’s $0.3193 per battery for one 72-pack, and $0.3123 per battery for one 96-pack.

So, where are the 9V’s? Besides in the main picture, of course.

Looks like we didn’t get any 9v this time. Sorry.

And the D cells, damnit. I need Ds!

I would like to see some Rayovac rechargeables.

For the luvva GOD people! I just got mine and the sheer weight of POWER is intoxicating. Unless you are a hippie, then holding that much skin-burning acid will cause problems. That’s a LOT of batteries for an amazing price! And when you hoist the box of POWER, you can yell like He-Man!

Hey Woot! I got my batteries the other day, and this is how our AA batteries arrived. It looks like someone ripped open every package and threw them into a blender!

Is this how it’s supposed to be??

No that doesn’t appear correct at all.

If you haven’t already please email into support@woot.com and let them know.
Be sure to include your username, order number and attach the photo you posted here.

Thanks Rogetray! The support folks took care of the problem!