Rayovac Batteries

Aldi’s AA and AAA batteries are $1.99 per 8-pack. That works out to $0.25 each, same price as buying the 72 pack here, except you don’t need to buy 72 at one time.

If you’ve never shopped at Aldi, you’re in for a treat and a surprise. The treat is their low grocery prices. There are 3 surprises: you won’t recognize any of the brands because they’re all in-house labeled (great quality, though); you’ll have to bag your purchase yourself (they’ll sell you bags if you don’t bring any); and you have to put a quarter in the shopping cart lock to get your cart loose (and you get a quarter back when you return the cart).

You forgot about shipping. $18+5=23 divided by 72 is $0.32. So Aldi is actually cheaper, but what is the quality of the batteries at Aldi. We shop there for groceries, but never have bought batteries. Is it like the cheap D size we buy at Dollar General Store. Three pack for $1.00 but they go quickly, especially in the baby swing and baby vibration seat (the only two things we use them for). So, would a better brand last longer and compensate the price difference, since these D size are $1.00 a piece plus shipping?

Honestly, the Aldi ones are just standard Alkaline D cell. Are the Dollar General ones Heavy Duty or Alkaline?

In the end, if you are eating through D cells, it’d be much cheaper to buy some AA to D adapters from Amazon (you put two AAs inside a plastic tube the size of a D battery) and use rechargable AAs. (Rechargable Ds are generally just AA capacity anyway.) You’ll be charging fairly often, but at least you won’t be spending nearly as much money on batteries and you’re saving the landfill.)