Rayovac Batteries

Thinking about stocking up on D batteries.

I have an XM Boombox that uses 8 D batteries and I’ve noticed with Duracells, if the volume is high enough, they can’t keep up with the current required and die in about 15 minutes. Energizers will last at least 2-3 hours even at full volume.

Anyone ever test the Rayovac D cells?


The one labeled “AA” has a picture of AAAs, and the one labeled “AAA” has a picture of AAs. Now I’m nervous to buy any of them because I’m not certain which is which.

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They must not be counting on us to do math. 72 batteries at $18 is 25¢ a battery. 96 batteries at $25 is 26¢ a battery.

Once you factor in the shipping it evens out. Plus it costs more to ship 96 batteries. Them suckers get heavy!

Was going to purchase some for a local orphanage for the kid’s toys, but need a better deal.

I would have been interested in some rechargeables.

You should be! Several of us ordered AA and received AAA. See http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5711801&pageindex=3&replycount=94#post5717489

yeah I would be nervous what you’re getting. got my aaa batteries today. ordered aa.

Dont be nervous - be happy - your getting free batteries. As long as you ordered the ones with the correct text - it’s woots problem and they ain’t going to pay to ship the wrong order home. They can’t afford to fix their own mistakes - times are hard - gotta get that $5 shipping as often as they can - I"ll bet they tell you here’s a refund and just buy what you really wanted again but lets wait and see…

yeah you’re probably right. these suckers are heavy. oh well they can be flipped on amazon.

Same here, AA ordered, AAA on my doorstep.

Well I hope they get my order right. No way I’d be able to afford return shipping back from Hawaii to wherever their distribution center might be this time.

I hope they figure it out before I place my order in 3 minutes. Or at least before they pack and process my order. I’m buying them for my classroom calculators.

I’m the oddball out is seems. Ordered the 72 pack of AAAs along with 18 Ds. Ds are fine but I got AAs instead. Just put in another order for AAAs (I was going to order AAs anyways) and I hope they show up fine. I’ve never had an order problem with Woot the 9 years I’ve been here so this is a first.

You should see how many D batteries my wife plows through in a week!

Sorry for the late reply and to hear that you received the wrong batteries in your order.

If you haven’t already, please email into support@woot.com and let them know. They’ll be more than happy to help find a resolve to the issue.

do you want to trade?

Had purchased a 12pk of RAYOVAC 9Volts 3mths ago and have been very disappointed with their performance. Find myself already replacing them in places not used that often at all. Have had much greater performance from the SONY AA batteries purchased from WOOT prior to these.