Rayovac Easy Charger with 12 Rechargeable AA Batteries

Product Website

Product Website

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My God, that is a good price. Four rechargeable batteries by themselves cost upwards of 8 bucks.

So are these defective? I don’t get it. Why does it purposely overheat the batteries to the point of destruction?

nope and nope.
Both of those sites are for the newer/current batteries. These are not the same.

I bought a quick charge unit with batteries a few years ago because I used to have a camera and a portable CD player that used AA batteries. Now all my new gear has lithium batteries so no need for these things!

Will these work with other Energizer chargers?

What’s the charge capacity of the batteries?

According to the product info website cited above - they are 1400 mAH

What is the mAh rating on the batteries?

A note about included batteries. They seem to be the older kind of Rayovac batteries. The newest latest and greatest Rayovac batteries are called “Hybrid” and are really really good!

The main difference: self discharge rate!

  • The regular NiMH batteries (which you get with this) are great for immediate use after the charge (slip them in your camera and shoot away!), but they have poor shelf life, and tend to lose up to 1/3 of a charge over just a few weeks of storage.

  • The new Hybrid NiMH batteries have slightly lower capacity, but they can be stored and used over long periods of time, with very slow self-discharge, something like 10% over 6 months, if I’m remembering the numbers correctly!

Removing batteries to avoid overcharging is so 1992.

Yikes, these are only 1400mAh so don’t expect the charge to last very long.

In the picture, the rechargeable batteries are 1.2V. Aren’t regular alkalines 1.5V? Will there be any difference in how long they last (before charging again)?

Will it work with the NIMH batteries I bought from a questionable retailer on the internet? Does it also do the AAA?

1400mAh. Avoid these like the plague!

If I could get 8 AAA and 4 AA it would be sold. Don’t really need 12 AA

While I can’t speak to the batteries, I bought this exact charger at WalMark in July to replace mine that had gone missing. I think I paid about this for the charger.

Charger works great, and like any decent one puts on a green light and stops charging once the batteries are full. I am not using Rayovacs in it, in case anyone is curious; I’m using some Energizers that I’ve been using in my camera for years. I use Rayovac disposables though, and have no issue with them.

Amazon’s page for the newer Easy Charger has comments on this “older” charger:


and Digital Buyer has it for $14 without batteries:


and Alexandria General Supply has it for $7.68 but with extra shipping and again without batteries:


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