Rayovac Easy Charger with 12 Rechargeable AA Batteries

rechargable batteries? Really?

Haha nevada


Gone before you can even say the phrase “I Want One”

Wow. How do those people feel now that bought the other charger?

looks like they found some leftover rechargeable batteries to go with the charger

The charger’s back… and it brought friends D:



These are perfect for people who love playing the Wii all day long.

this was not a good deal

has bag of crap came yet?

Thank goodness! Finally time for a potty break!


Now they are bundling past woot-off items with new ones… quick, someone calculate how many permutations there are at ~50 woots/woot-off…

Any word on the MaH rating on the batteries?

I’m only still here because I feel a need to make up for the three hours I was trying to complain but it wouldn’t let me post.

Crap, crap, crap. And not good crap, either.

Come on, Woot! I need a Woot-Off killer so I can get some shut-eye!

um, do you mean Utah?