Rayovac Rechargeable NiMH Batteries – 8 Pack

S+H kills everything!

geeeeez more batts!!!

So sick of batteries…

how much can really be said about an 8 pack of rechargeable batteries?

:heart: :heart: :heart:

7 of them, nice!

This is starting to get stupid

Is Rayovac sponsoring this woot-off?

Seriously! A dollar a battery?

i would be sick, except i really need some, and cant manage to click fast enough

Now they are just clearing out their desks and selling whatever they can find…

I think they’re clearing out the shelves of the local Walgreens store… at least based on the quantities being sold…

buy 3 and listen to some dubstep.


I hate the color.

shit, i wanted to buy some and before i put in my security code for card they were gone. CRAP!!!

I don’t remember any of the past, pre-buyout wootoffs suckings this much ass, so… Thanks, Amazon, for ruining woot?