Rays Rock

Enough Said!

So do the Phillies, watch out! :slight_smile:

check your PM’s

Phillies 3. Rays 2. The city of Philadelphia rejoices.

Rays 4, Phillys 2

Rays in 6

Win 1 of 2 at home, and everyone’s an eternal optimist. Phillies in 6.

Woohoo, you got that right!!!

Winning one of two at home worked against Boston and they are much tougher at home than the Phillies.

Our Buccaneers closed down your last stadium in post season by eliminating you AND won the Superbowl. We beat the Fliers on our journey to win the Stanley Cup. Our World Series Win is just Fate, Destiny, A FACT. Get used to it.

Rays in 6.

Ahhh…good times, brother, good times.

No sweeter sound than a bunch of Philly fans turning on their own team.

The city of Brotherly Love has nothing but “Cheeze Whiz” on their sandwiches.

//high fives

WooooHooo, 5 Phils, 2 Rays. Only need two more wins. :slight_smile:

BTW: Brother R “The city of Brotherly Love has nothing but “Cheeze Whiz” on their sandwiches.”

I don’t know about that since I’ve never had a sandwich with “Cheeze Whiz” but you can’t have one without fried onions in Philly. :wink:

Wit wiz. Please.

Wit wiz on me at the parade if we take the series. Lord I hope the parade isn’t on Saturday. We have a wedding.

WooHoo, bottom of the 8th inning and it’s Phils 8 - TB 2. Not to get my hopes up but it looks like…


What are you all talking about? Sports I guess. Just wondering. If it isn’t sports, I really out of the loop.


edit: It’s 10-2 now

OHHHHh, NY isn’t playing. I forgot.

…and there was much rejoicing… I hate the Yankees.

Phillies look good though. If they win game 5 (in Philly), the town is gonna go bonkers. Even if they win game 6 or 7 in TB, it’ll go nuts, but at home? I’m not gonna be out driving those roads afterwards…

Yippee!!! They did it. Phils 10, TB 2.

//thinks about if they win tomorrow mailbox and everything else outside has to be put in garage

Hi Shek, it’s going to be insane over here if they take it. People are out there screaming now and honking the horns. l o l
Don’t drive whether they are home or away. If it’s anything like when the Flyers took the Stanley Cup in the 70’s no cars will be going anywhere but down main roads with people jumping on them. Cars won’t be able to cross traffic because it’ll just be a parade of cars and so many people it will block all cross streets.

I hear them going by faintly here on the major road nearby, and I’m in South Jersey a ways (about 20 minutes south by highway).

I’m definitely an opportunistic, fair-weather fan right now. My boys are sitting home, but it’s nice to see the National League represent well. Sure, I’m a die-hard Cubs fan, but yeah, I’ll buy a Phillies WS champs t-shirt… they earned my respect.