Raywood Vineyards Mixed Red Case

Raywood Vineyards Mixed Red Case
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
$94.99 $156.00 39% off List Price
2012 Merlot, Central Coast
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast

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What’s the relationship between Castoro Cellars and Raywood?

Really, its that much?

I’m getting tired of reading Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, wine may only be delivered to the following states:

When it should read:
Thanks to Cheap and Profit Hungry Grape Farmers that didn’t care enough about you to buy a license to ship to your state, wine may only be delivered to the following states:

So at least woot should show honesty.

I agree with your statement. PA changed its law to ship wines into this state, but WOOT! and others have not taken advantage and still won’t ship to us All you need is to buy a license!

How much does a license cost?

The singular purpose of selling something is profit. Why would you expect a winery to care about you?

Or more to the point, why would they not be permitted to make rational business decisions about whether to expend licensing $$ to a particular market?

Not to mention, that in many cases it is a particular state’s peculiarities that keeps a wine from being able to be sold there – either because of express restrictions in their laws, or because Amazon’s extra-cautious lawyers have decided that the offer in question isn’t up to their exacting standards.

And the business tax registration fee, and the surety bond, and the sellers license in addition to the direct ship license (at least in WI).

I get just as frustrated as everyone else and agree the wording must be changed to eliminate confusion but do feel for the wineries having to go through all this every year and then hope to be profitable

Yes, it must be expensive and time consuming to deal with the legalities of selling these great wines across the country but…what about this Raywood mixed case??! : ]

Discussing the wine – what a concept!!

It still has not been discussed. I’m buying it. I can let you know next time.

You’re right. It’s kind of remarkable how much discussion there isn’t. Following Cesare’s links, to Cellartracker and to the previous offer, leads to nothing very useful.
And yet we know someone has bought this before. They’re just keeping their opinions to themselves.

Shipping to a particular state isn’t on woot. Woots business model isn’t on them getting a license state by state but rather the vineyard. Woot provides a platform for them to distribute across with either a fix price or profit sharing model. Woot from time to time has some issues keeping state rosters up to date and vineyards work directly with us. I agree that some vineyards ahem Wellington have a small market footprint, but state by state licenses may not be fesible. You need to do a business penetration model to determine if a license is worth the investment, plus the additional shipping cost the further east you go. There’s alot more then just get the license and ship.

I want to buy it, I’ve got plenty of Cabs but running low on Merlot…hmmmmm.

It is 12 bottles.

Can’t see how running low on Merlot (from new world regions) is a problem…

I’d say there are about 6 too many bottles of Merlot in this deal for me to be remotely interested.

Of course everyone’s preference is different.

It’s really about the deflection and broad "tone" of the disclaimer. If you are going to use such rhetoric, then at least put it back on the vineyards as wine is sellable in almost all states direct from the vineyards. Wine is sold direct from the vineyards in 43 of 50 states. So if 43 states aren’t listed, it’s on the vineyards.


***Note, this is a 2014 map

Also for reference, all states make wine!


Every state grows grapes and makes wine. Discover the wine specialty of your home state.

Not necessarily. All laws are written differently. Some require wineries to limit the amount sent to each household which requires a lot of record keeping if you sell on a retail site like ours.

Some have restrictions on wine contents, labels, definition of shipping, and other limitations that prohibit our shipping model from working within that state.