Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

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Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 21 to Tuesday, Jul 22) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Thorough review over at hardwareheaven.com

Razer Home

Have had this board for a couple years now and absolutely love it to this day. Really good price for anyone in the market for a gaming keyboard.

This dude is either geared to the hilt or he is pvping lvl 60’s. His health doesn’t drop a lick. Also, it doesn’t show him using the keyboard functions as much as him using the mouse functions while he’s pvping. Notice how slow he was at applying those spells when he was using all those different function keys. He would have wiped the group in a raid if it took that damn long to apply them.

How does this board compare with the Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard?

If I just want to surf Woot and answer emails with this keyboard, will it still be casting spells?
I don’t want to hurt anybody accidentally.

The reviews over on Amazon proper are generally favorable and this price seems like a legitimately good deal. This price even with shipping is a respectable 20% off the typical used and refurb on Amazon, and 50% off new.

However the reviews are very inconsistent. It looks like this product has a problem with quality control. For the folks that are lucky and get a good one it seems like a great buy- but a significant % of even new purchasers end up with a dud.

That makes me leery of a refurb device that only has a 90 day warranty, slowish shipping, and a somewhat limited return policy. I’m really tempted but I think I may have to leave it to those more willing to gamble a bit.

(Sorry Woot, love ya but now that you’re part of the glorious and eternal Amazon empire, may it endure forever… Prime shipping and 30 day return window, cough cough).

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I chuckled.

I am disappointed that this is not a mechanical keyboard.

Dear woot – please put up a mechanical keyboard. Thanks!

They’ve had Das up a few times in the past year.

Looks neat but I just got a new keyboard and I like it.

It’s nice that it has seven thumb modifier keys, but I only have two thumbs and I like them the way they are. Pass.

Seconding! Year and a half and still going strong. My man friend still prefers his mechanical keyboard, but I strongly prefer this one.

It doesn’t have a crapton of macro buttons like some keyboards do, but it allows for a more streamlined and practical profile and layout. And honestly, I use the macros on my mouse primarily, so I don’t use them often. I mainly chose it because of the keys: the keys aren’t silent but pretty quiet unless you’re a key crusher. The response is a slight “jelly” resistance. Response time is great.

My point of pride with this keyboard, though, is the durability. We have a toddler and he abuses the ever living crap out of our computer equipment if he gets his hands on it. This keyboard has been flipped over, thrown to the ground, had probably half a dozen drinks spilled on it, food thrown on it, slammed on… And it still works just as well as it did on day one. My SO has lost two keyboards, a mouse, and two pairs of headsets (he prefers Logitech brand) since our son was born: my set of one Razer keyboard, one Razer mouse, and a Razor headset are all still working great. Call me a fangirl if you want, but Razer’s products know how to take a beating.

No, it’s not the shiniest keyboard in the universe, and it doesn’t have the response time of a mechanical keyboard. But for $40, for what you get, it’s a steal. If you’re a chronic keyboard destroyer, try this one.

You’ll only cast spells if you push that one button they don’t tell you not to push so make sure it’s aimed at someone you don’t like very much. This made me literally LOL… thanks for the laugh!

While I’ve mostly stopped gaming - or at least, playing games that can use the macro key functions or need quick actions - I LOVE this keyboard’s macro functions for productivity. I keep trying to talk my workplace into letting me get one for work. I use the extra keys for repetitive sequences of even such simple things as timed clicks or copy-paste actions. So don’t get stuck on the “gaming” aspect if you’re not a gamer, it may still be worth it if you tend to do repetitive computer tasks.

In for a spare :slight_smile:

Anyone else have an issue when ordering this? I just got it yesterday, but they sent me a Blackwidow instead of an Anansi… Woot support still hasn’t gotten back to me on this either…