Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard – Silver

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Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard - Silver
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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someone was hoping for this one last night if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:

How is this different from the Lycosa?

There’s a better one on deals.woot.com that is backlit

Keys don’t light up

Doesnt look silver to me.

Well its cheaper and silver instead of blue but the lycose was 79.99 at razer and 34.99 here
this one is 49.99 at razer and 24.99 here. I think the other one just has more programablity

and there’s your answer…

I am the Eric Clapton of hammering F5 during a Woot-off. Will this keyboard fine-tune that for me? If I could shave a few more milliseconds off my reload response time, that would be worth it.

On Amazon it’s $39.60



This will go quite nicely with the mouse that was up here last night/this morning. So if you bought the mouse you have to get this. It’s only fair. Gotta keep the Wootoff rolling you know.


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HOT STUFF. In for at least ONE.


One tough Mama.

Razer gaming keyboards are actually pretty awesome. Mine had shallow stroke keys that were rubberized, making it very enjoyable to use. I think I had the Lycosa. THe backlighting was a little too dark (probably fixed in this version), but acceptable if you are a touch typer.

The only hang up they have is the fact that capacitive touch volume controls SUCK! If they get dirty, they won’t work, or they become stuck and your volume goes up or down all the way. If you’re using the keyboard and every time you alt-tab to change windows, or use the taskbar it vanishes, your volume keys are probably repeating on you. If that happens, just hit volume up or down and it should fix it. Capacitive touch is actually really cool, but a button press volume is far more functional and controllable. I’m using a microsoft wireless keyboard right now nad can adjust my volume little by little with each keypress, and it doesn’t get dirty.

Buy this if you need a great gaming keyboard, but keep in mind that you may have issues with the volume controls.

I got the backlit version of this a while back from woot. The media buttons aren’t “buttons” but a touch panel. Mine are going bad and now, occasionally, my volume will get very loud or very soft. And sometimes, when I’m not playing media at all, the play button will get activated and my media player will open up and start playing whatever was on there. Very annoying.

I wouldn’t get this keyboard. :slight_smile: