Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard



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Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard
$24.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Cricket, cricket…


Pass your time?



I read the blog, but I don’t get it I guess. What is the treasure we are finding? And has any come up yet?


Third Map Fragment! Nice Hide!


3 stars on Amazon:


You read the snippet at the top-right of each product. If you see the word TREASURE (all caps), click to see the details of the product. You’ll find a map piece there. Assemble all the map pieces and all shall be revealed. There will be a map today and another tomorrow.


Great price for a gaming keyboard.


ooooooh, look what I found!



I found the booty, where is my prize ?!?!?


The satisfaction in knowing that you completed it. Good job!


The guy a couple posts above said there was a map fragment on this one but I don’t see it. Was he kidding or am I missing it?



PS I also did the coin count, there are 36


It’s a sign of too much caffeine that this jumped out at me, but… isn’t Woot based in Texas, where any carbonated sugary drink is called a coke even if it’s Pepsi? “Can of soda,” really? The only people who call it soda are from the Northeast or California. Everywhere else it seems to be pop.


You circled the items in the Highlights magazine at the doctors office too, didn’t you?


He’s being a troll…


I’m Texan and I call it soda. Our writers are from various places including one from NY. All but one are now in Seattle. One is here in TX.




I would always color in goofus and galant