Razer Atrox ArcadeStick for Xbox 360

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Razer Atrox ArcadeStick for Xbox 360
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Is it just me, or does this look like an arcade stick that’s:

  1. Not wireless
  2. Somehow manages to use a proprietary plug for a USB CABLE

Personally, I’d prefer a wired arcade stick. That said…

That’s an immediate no-no.

Yep. The proprietary USB cable was a dealbreaker for me.

That just looks like a USB A-to-B cable to me.

eta - looked around for more details and you guys are right, it is proprietary.

Wired is the norm for arcade sticks. They’re generally bought for fighting games where any additional latency (even from wireless) is frowned upon.

On a razer note, here’s one breaking on stage during the finals at the EVO tournament last year:


I was on stage for this. It was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

Here’s the good thing about the Razer Atrox, to be honest: you can take one and mod the hell out of it. If you’re an enthusiast of any kind, you can get boards and different cables that will allow you to use a joystick like this with any console you want – from Dreamcast, PS2, to things even like SNES and so on, so long as you can buy or make the cable for it. You can go looking for more details in places like ArcadeShock.

I’m getting this one as a second arcade stick; I plan on modding it with another multiconsole board and giving it support for all the old consoles. That way I have two identical sticks that I can play my old Dreamcast fighters on, like Capcom VS SNK 2!

Expensive accessory for a discontinued console. I’ll pass on this one.

I recently built a stick with a Sanwa clone joystick and Happ buttons. For real Sanwa parts and a nice case, it’s a good price.

discontinued console yes, but you can use it for PC for as long as USB exists. hell, street fighter 5, a game that came out this year exclusive to PS4 and PC, the PC version is ONLY compatible with xbox controllers.