Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

The product website.

And the user manual can be found over here.

(Had to, I’m back for a one night show.)

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I’ve sworn off Razer products after using a Barracuda HP-1. Made out of cheesy plastic. Couldn’t withstand moderate amounts of roughness (falling off of computer case, falling off my head)

These are excellent headsets…great mic, good sound, and CONFORTABLE.

I used a gift card to buy a pair from Frys ($70+tax…ouch)… well worth it.

Other $70 units I tried
I tried the Plantronics 777(?), hurt to wear
I tried the Creative Fatalty…nice, but the leather earcups would get super sweaty in the Spring/Summer…mic was flimsy also

For $45 these are a great buy :slight_smile:

How in the heck can you say “No Mac” on a headset that only uses a standard 3.5mm jack? This makes no sense.

$73 at Amazon, with many good reviews.

!!! My HP-1 broke too! Part of the metal just snapped while I was setting it down. Just snapped, no roughness or throwing. Very strange and I was disappointed since they sell them for like 120 bucks.

I might buy this to replace it… =(

have the razer piranha headset, mic started failing after 1.5 years. they saw heavy use in tf2 and l4d, and started failing early on in l4d2. bought them open box from a non-woot (and thus not trustworthy) site.

buying these to replace. hopefully they’ll last longer.

not compatible w/ 360

What purpose does the big plastic piece in the middle of the cord serve? It seems awfully large for only a mute/volume control.

I got these headphones for Christmas 2 months ago. They are top-tier gaming headphones. They are insanely comfortable with good sound and an excellent microphone. The only problem is that the plug in is not USB. Well worth $40.

mine fell apart after about 6 months of light use, I took real good care of them too. They never fell, always went back into their box after usage cause they were expensive!

One day I just took them off my head and they shattered, where the U bend connects to the headphone. I was not amused. They have electrical tape holding them together now but I will never buy from razer again.

On top of that, my bro has issues with their keyboard, it randomly stops responding and he has to disconnect it. So much so that he now keeps it plugged in, on the front of the PC.

Their mice a junky and uncomfortable too, my roommate has one, he went back to logitech.

all in all, its all just over priced junk.

That is volume control with a microphone mute/unmute. It also has a plastic clip on it so you can clip it to your shirt or pants or something.

I would say they haven’t tested it on a mac, so they say no mac. Because if they did and it didnt’t work then they would then have an unhappy customer. I myself wouldn’t buy something that I had to ask every time I buy something if it would work on it. But then again I never unstood why anyone would want to buy fruit when they purchased an electronic device.

too bad these will never work with the xbox 360… Or Ps3…

The headphone part of these will work just fine. However, the microphone will not work. Current Macs (all of them, AFAIK) don’t have a microphone port; they have a line in port, which is expecting a line-level input. The microphone on these headsets sends a mic-level signal, which would require a preamp between the microphone jack on this headset and the computer.

ETA: These would work fine if connected to the Mac through something like the Griffin iMic.

I have my Xbox hooked up so that it’d work just fine, at least the speaker bit. I’m really tempted to get these, because my steelsound 4H headset that I got at a Woot Off ages ago has been a bit off for a while and it’d be nice to have a headset.

I really like the Razer brand, the mouse I got from them has worked wonderfully for a good long while.

Does this reallly not work with the 360? :frowning:

Speaking of the Barracuda HP-1, what’s the difference between that and these?

(I have the Barracuda, have no real reason to want to buy this, but, you know, shinies.)