Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

will it work with a ps3?

no USB? seriously? wow

Why “NO MAC”. p sure this would work on either PC or Mac

happy hour agaij

Snagged one… My creatives are busted…

It may be a bit like tv.woot.com, but this is one of the best woot-offs in a long long time!

work for ps3? cord length?

in for 1, I always enjoy razer products

Bought this from sellout.woot.com before.

It got shipped back to woot (because I messed up on my address and put an extra number in there) but because they are so awesome, they are sending back to me! :smiley:

I got a refurbished mouse from Razer. Still had all the grim in between all the buttons. Nothing to gross, but I wouldn’t want to buy a refurbished headset like this knowing how gross the mouse was.

How much for the head model?

Welcome to Burger King, can I take your order please?

You want fries with that??

no =/

Ironically, if you wear these, you probly have no game.

Hum… I don’t get it… Just an hour ago it was a Polaroid Digital Camera… and a couple hours before that, it was some other thing I can’t remember… Isn’t this site 1 deal a day ?

i remember these being on sellout woot and i got them cause i was drunk…

good thing i was able to cancel it, cause i cant afford to buy stuff lol!

During a woot off, they sell an item until they run out and then put up something else until they feel like gracing us with a screeching monkey.

this is the famed woot off. as deals sell out new deals arrive. It like making love to a sweet sweet woman.

its a woot off therefore deals all day til item is sold out then new one is up til its over in a day or 2 or maybe 3 days.