Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset


The Happy Hour dummy head has appeared. All is lost!

Leeeeerrrrrrrrrrroooooyyyy Jjjjjennnnnkkkiiiinnnnssss

Edit: For anyone that dosent know…


This one will go super fast… unless there’s a huge quantity… http://www.amazon.com/Razer-Carcharias-Gaming-Headset-Black/dp/B001PTH0VW 74.95 on amazon.

The head is cool… can I buy that?

look how stylish all those cords look on your shoulder!

Sweet mother of Carcharias! Where were you during the 90’s

And there goes my coupon.

I has one of these. Great headset :smiley:

that manikin looks ready for play.

Thank you calling customer service is is Pete how can i help you?

I purchased these from Woot around 5 months ago or so. Excellent heaphones (I don’t use the mic). Sound quality is pretty darn awesome for the price. Can’t go wrong my friends.

Look! It’s the guy from Woot Happy Hour! What ever happened to that?

Previous Woot

Good reviews at Amazon

cnet review

There is no serendipity to be found in TSA friendly laptop bags, but in headsets, maybe.

Woot should sell mannequin heads. I was thinking of getting one as a hat holder.

Happy Hour Dummy doesn’t mean this will be a happy hour.

Please only have 3. And let someone buy all in one shot!

sonofa… I really wanted this too… sold out in a second :frowning: