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Refurb headphones… do they entirely replace the part that comes into contact with your ears?

I seriously would have bought this if it came with the mannequin bust. Gonna pass tho…

47 reviews at Amazon

196 reviews at Newegg


Here’s the manual.

I bought one of these from a previous Woot. Love 'em. Nice and soundproof too and the mic is helluva sensative.

Before some chump comes along and pops the question out of ignorance and neglect of the information already provided, these are PC only. NO MACS.

Hmm… If they weren’t refurbished, I may consider it. I’m looking at other pairs that are on sale for the same price, but have a higher retail value and better reviews. Tough decision whether I want to get them as back ups or not.

Instead of an out of market review, heres a wooters review, i got this headset from a boc, and its amazing and comfortable. I heavily recommend this to you…and here is my review its over 9000

…But, over 9000 what?

How exactly does that work? Does Apple deviate from the standard and use a 3.4mm hole instead of 3.5mm?

Any glasses wearers have them? I’m always looking for a headset that won’t make me miserable when it makes my glasses and my head get a little too friendly for comfort…

Apparently, it can work if you use an adapter to power the mic:

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I found the same solution on 2 other sites. I don’t know if it’s worth the trouble, though.

Don’t ask me, as Razer; I’m simply suppling what is emphasized in the specs.
Although I think I may be able to answer that partially. Macs use a line-in, not the typical microphone port that PCs use. Same size but different type of port. From what I understand, line-ins require more power for microphones, so just plugging in a 3.5 by itself is a no-no.

What NightGhost said seems to agree.

Edit: My girlfriend has a MacBook Pro from 2008. I bought her a headset that utilized the 3.5mm jack, and her MBP would not pick up the microphone. That’s how I learned about this.
So basically, for Macs, it’s either USB or nothing.

In for one, merry christmas to me.
reviews are complaining of a few issues, dying mics and speakers in one ear. The latter happened with my last refurb headset from razer, but was easily soldered back into place.

second time it happend, thing was junk though. i botched the solder and ruined it.

buyer beware, but bear in-brain i bought one.

These are really great headphones. I bought them for myself out in Afghanistan where I lived with others around me. It seriously felt like I was secluded in a different environment with these on.

The base, sound, comfort, and mic are all great.

There is one item that does not really change much is that the adjustment for the headphones gets loose after a while. However they hug your ears enough for it not to really matter.

Also, the mic-mute paint has worn off, so sometimes I am like, “can you hear me now?” to tell where or not the mic is on mute.

Great headphones! Especially for the price!