Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

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Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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So the first of many Razer products appears.

BTW: It’s a good headset, but I just got a new skullcandy headset…and I would buy that one over this every time.

Great headset though. I don’t think I want a refurb though, I would much rather shell out for the new one.

If you have an older mac with an headphone out and a microphone in like the older Santa Rosa MacBook Pro’s these headphones will work just fine.

Will this work with Wii Chat enabled games. Like Black Ops??

Great headset. Really comfy. My last set lasted almost 2 years and that was a refurb as well. In for yet another one.

good reviews

$70 new

Razer designs products almost EXCLUSIVELY for PC. A select few are Mac compatible. I would say NO to it working on anything but a PC.

Although I can confirm, it can work on older macs, new macs I don’t think so.

65 on amazon

Ok thanks. Thought that was the case.

upset that it doesn’t support Macs. Apple up!

If you have a sound card or mix amp yes.

I’ll tell you now if a Refurb Megalodon comes up for $99.99 I will say goodbye to my skull candy set for that SOB.

Strange, wouldn’t 3.5 jacks work on just about anything.

i dont know about skullcandy but i have this headset and have had it for about a year. it is very comfortable even after 4+hrs of use. (bfbc2 + tv shows and movies.)

I have had top name headphones like sennheiser that cost me $200 and they did not fit my head as well. They were GREAT audio but too tight on my head. I could only wear them for about an hr. Im not an audiophile, cant tell the difference between mp3, wave, unless it is absolutely horrible so these sound GREAT to me. These are worth the money. buy them.

Got these a few weeks ago when Tiger Direct was selling them for $32 new. Awesome deal. It was probably a price mistake, but at least I got mine fulfilled.

They’re really nice and much nicer than the Plantronics Gamecom 377. I like that the cord is sleeved with nylon, rather than the usual rubber cord. It keeps the wire from getting all curled and tangled up. The sound is pretty nice too. The comfort is decent. But as with any headset, you’ll start to feel it after a good while.

it’s not the macs, its the ports. this is the standard mic in and headphone out as 2 jacks, while macs usually only have 1.

Not necessarily, there are occasionally compatibility issues with products like these. It’s a bit less universal than one would like to see.

How can it not support a Mac. All it has is two 3.5mm audio cable plugs, one for audio out, the other for audio in.


That is exactly why it doesn’t work. Although for a few extra $$ you can buy a converter and solve the problem if you really want.