Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

Because most recent macs dont have both of those jacks.

That’s a lie. It will work. It’s an analog interface. Analog doesn’t discriminate.

WHAT? Biggest fail I think I’ve ever come across.

Interesting, I guess all of my macs are too old to be affected by this crap.

For mac users you can ignore the fact it has a mic.

The new mics in your computers are about as good as this one, just use the installed one. You won’t hear a significant difference in quality.

how in the bloody hell did the bugs move faster than these?

You guys are total wrong about OS X support! Razer Software ISN’T required to use this headset on Windows, Linux, OS X, iPod/Zunes, etc. All you need is a simple 3.5mm headphone jack to use the speakers in the headset. This is NOT a USB device! It’s microphone has it’s own separate jack that you plugin to the mic port. I have owned this same headset for over a year now. Still works great, no problems.

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I don’t understand either, here’s the macbook pro audio port descriptions from Apple, which sounds like it would work. If it doesn’t then what gives? Maybe the lack of power to the mic jack?

Audio line in/optical digital audio in port:
Connect your MacBook Pro to a line-level microphone or optical digital audio equipment. The Audio In port accommodates both optical digital audio input and analog audio input.

Analog audio line input is accepted through a 3.5mm mini phone jack which does not provide power to a connected device, so you must use self-powered peripherals. The sound input jack accepts line-level stereo signals up to 24-bit stereo 44.1-192kHz sampling rate. It also accepts a stereo miniplug-to-RCA cable adapter for connecting stereo equipment to the computer.

Optical audio input is SPDIF format and uses a standard toslink cable with a toslink mini-plug adapter, accepting up to 24-bit stereo and 44.1-96kHz sampling rate.

Headphone/optical digital audio out port:
Connect external speakers, headphones, or optical digital audio equipment. The headphone / line output jack accommodates optical digital audio output, analog audio output with a 24-bit, 44.1-192 kHz D/A converter, digital audio output up to 24-bit stereo and 44.1-192 kHz sampling rate and supporting encoded digital audio output (AC3 and DTS). For analog headphone / line output a standard audio cable with 3.5mm metal plug should be used. For digital audio, a standard toslink cable with a toslink mini-plug adapter can be used.

Not necessarily, analog doesn’t but certain systems do. As a way to limit options to force you to buy a certain product. Some companies are greedy.

Like I said I would say NO to a wii because I don’t plug anything into my wii. I would rather be certain it worked before spending the 40$ in vain.

Sorry, stopped reading the moment you praised Skullcandy

Turtle Beach Headsets are the way to go for gaming

I’m about to hit the sack, and knowing my luck the all-in-one printer/scanner I want to pick up and the refurbished router are going to appear while I’m catching some Zs, and you guys are just going to be stuck here waiting for those bars to sink down to nothing. :frowning:

I wish there was some way I could trigger a woot alarm to go off when one of these items goes up for grabs.

I think their products are kinda meh, but the current headset I have outpaces this one :confused:

I am purely a quality man, not a product fanboy man.

I’m sorry? The large proportion of apple products have one port. Macbook Pros and Imacs have 2, but about %50 of the market is macbooks and macbook airs.

I HATED the turtle beach headset I bought recently…it cut into my ears and caused severe head pain…it didn’t work well with my PC (static-y) even though it said it worked with PC or XBOX on the package…blech!

I returned it ASAP.

This makes no sense. computers cant make you not able to use headphones on a standard port.

If you own a macbook air, I would be confused why you are buying a headset.

That thing is purely for typing :|. Any other use, and you should have just bought a pro.

I am not talking about computers though…his question was in relation to consoles.

Way to change the subject? No, I dont own an air, but the 13" macbook pro has the same single jack.

You must had bought the cheap set. I have had my set for over a year and they work great. But also I only use them on my Xbox so I cant say how they would work for pc

Guys, guys… settle down. The Mac fags can go bother their tech support people instead of making us fight over it. We are better then this!