Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

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Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Buy this now!

“Any PC with headphone and mic jacks” but NOT MAC compatible?

My Broseph got this for me for Christmas, they’re excellent. They have very good mic quality, and speakers are pretty good. I recommend them for a friend who likes to game. $40 isnt’ bad either.

Love mine I scored on Woot earlier this year. Definitely worth it.

I prefer my turtle beach PX5’s thank you very much.

whoever that talented artist is, could you plz make a rendition of the woot-off? Man with gaming headset, harbinger gloves, 80 button mouse, assorted HDMI necklaces (necklai?), flip cameras, laptops, roombas, etc?

it might be a good idea. then again, it might be terrible. k thx.

Nice! My husband finally gets a new gaming headset! If the mic/headphone jack worked on my computer I would get a set too, but alas I’ll just have to in-game type chat.

It’s a gaming headset, everyone knows you can’t do gaming on a Mac! :wink:

somebody, make me care about this thing $60 in amazon


UGH I want this but don’t need it.

I feel like if I bought this for my gamer brother, he might make more friends. Yes?

$63 on amazon, btw…

Amazon link http://www.amazon.com/Razer-Carcharias-Gaming-Headset-Black/dp/B001PTH0VW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1308171935&sr=8-1

I have a similar set, the Razer Barracuda. It has good sound quality, and the mic is decent. Been using it for 2 years and it still sounds great. (The barracuda has a USB power jack though, which this one doesn’t have).

I have a pair from a previous woot. They are the most comfortable headset I’ve found for long term gaming. The sound and the mic are above average. Actually, now that I think about it I should grab another pair now for a back up set.

Be right back…

Definitely worth it if you want this. Cheapest is $50-something on Amazon.

I got this head set about 6-9 months ago for $70. i don’t regret it. At this price this is a steal.

I’ve had Zero issues with this head set, guild members said i sounds much more clear, and the sound is top notch.

thinking about getting another as a gift at this price.

sounds like the right time to buy.

Just bought one of these around Christmas-time. Love them. Wish I had waited 'cause Best Buys screwed me for bit more than this.