Razer Copperhead 2000dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

I have wanted a Razer mouse for a while now and never went for it since they are so expensive. $40 total isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a good enough price that I think this is worth it. Thanks woot!

Wireless mice suck for gaming, well unless all you play is pacman.
This is a good mouse and at a decent price.
Now if Woot would only upgrade their slow servers with some of their profits…

You can find a review of the mouse here:

It’s USB for those that need to ask…

You might be thinking of the Razer Pro 1600dpi Gaming Mouse, June 9th, during the Woot-Off, or possibly the Gyration ULTRA GT Cordless Optical Mouse, offered July 9th. But, I don’t think that we have seen this mouse.

Way back in 1998, I think I bought Razer’s 1000dpi Boomslang. It’s a ball-mouse, but still the king as far as FPS games go. Razer-sharp precision. And I paid like <cough cough> dollars for the thing, gladly! At this price, it may be time to upgrade. >:-D


I had the 1600dpi Razer. Not really fan of them. My fingers just resting on the left and right buttons are heavy enough to click them. Logitech ftw imho. Still a very good buy for the price if you’re not a fatty like me :stuck_out_tongue:

The basic left click/right click/scroll should work. The other stuff definitely will not work on a mac. There is a third-party driver (Steer) which claims to help take adavantage of the advanced features on this mouse, but even that doesn’t support all the buttons. Pity.

if this is so fast, does this also give me an advantage to purchase woots during Bag of Crap time and Woot off time? If not i guess i don’t need it, but i think i want it…


Me too. I still have it and the tin can it came in.
warning though, this mouse IS FAST and takes some getting used to but once you master it you will love it.
As for the buttons on the old one I agree, they were sensitive.

best w00t ever! Will be my 3rd razer mouse.

Try out one of razer’s mouse pad with it, and you will see why I own 3.


Oh woot why do you torment me so? I bought this mouse from a local store last year when it was on sale, paid close to 70 bucks after tax and they only had the blue. My favorite color is green!! Sooooo tempted to woot this… Must…resist…wooting!

Anyway, for anyone thinking about wooting this, I HIGHLY recommend it! So what if it’s not wireless? How far from your computer are you sitting to play games?? I use this for everything, and it’s so nice to be able to do so much while moving my wrist so little! Saves LOTS of sore wrists :slight_smile: The buttons on this mouse click nicely, the scroll wheel has a good feel to it and isn’t loud at all, and the way the mouse light pulses is just too cool!

37 dollars left on my card.


This isn’t the first woot I’ve been screwed on. ThANKS WOOT! This is even the color that I wanted! Now I have to pay newegg like 15 extra bucks. ASs.

I’m currently using a logitech g5 and I don’t like the feel. I’ve read reviews and hell by even looking at the mouse I can tell that I would pull off more headshots!

The key is in the fingers. Not your palm. The basis of this great mouse.

Buy it. I have the white/blue 1200dpi one and it works well. Buy it and meet me on some of the www.FragsRus.com servers to kick some noob butt

It’s also good for non-gamers wanting to use their beloved “lasso” tool in photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been wanting a copperhead since my boomslang died, so thanks woot for makin’ it available at a pimpin’ price!

im tempted to buying this, but im worried that it will be “too smooth” because of the 2000dpi.
Because it has so much dpi, is this like putting your mouse sensitivity in a game all the way high?

/PS: i’ve also read a few reviews on newegg about the mouse malfunctioning after 2-3 weex of use, anyone know anything about this?

I bought this mouce in blue about 3 months ago. I love it. Some people hate it. If ur a true gamer u know corded mice are the only way to go. It comes with a driver so u can program the mouse buttons to whatever u want and it has a feature called on the fly which lets u adjust the mouse sensitvity by holding down one of the 7 buttons and moving the mouse wheel. Some minor problem like have to replug it somtimes but like it was said earlier all u got to do is dl firmware. It hard to get use to, it too me like 2 weeks to get really good with it. It a different feel for a mouse. Anyways if u debating wether or not to buy it i say but it. Ull probably end up liking it

Well, it sure is a pretty green mouse.

But will it in anyway improve my horrid performace on every single game I play?


I have the Razer Pro 1600 that I purchased from Woot a few months ago. It makes a lot of difference for gaming. It is Mac compatible and fully adjustable. Ergonomically, it is shaped differently from most other mice. Initially, my hand hurt, but since I have gotten used to it, my BZ Flag game is much better. The software works on both G5 and Intel Macs.

I’d be so all over this if I didn’t already have one, and if I hadn’t already gotten 2 of the 1600dpi version during the wootoff. Here’s what’s different from the white 1600dpi mouse:

  • Appearance, obviously.
  • dpi, the other obvious. What is dpi? Dots Per Inch. Basically, for every inch you move the mouse, the cursor moves that many pixels. So if you move the 2000dpi mouse an inch, it will move the cursor 2000 pixels. It’s not a huge difference from 1600, but a significant upgrade from 400 or 800 dpi mice.
  • The side buttons are in a different location. On the white 1600dpi version, the buttons are on the glowing edge. On the copperhead, they’re beneath it.
  • The copperhead lets you customize the functionality of the buttons and stores them on the mouse. You can even configure the buttons to have macros. I set one button to type “Hello” just for kicks, and I can plug it into another machine, press the button, and it will type “Hello.” This is especially useful for games that don’t support 4+ mouse buttons.

If you have a mouse with less than 1600 dpi, buy it. You won’t regret it. You will need to make some adjustments, though. Disable mouse acceleration in windows and lower your sensitivity in games. It’s impossible to go back to low DPI mouse for gaming once you’re used to 2000dpi. They feel so jerky and imprecise.

I wooted!
I’m building a gaming rig, last peice is a motherboard and it comes in tomarrow, now I have something else to look forward too!

Big long yard sale will have to deal with this poor man now… my negotiating skills will be stretched to thier limit!