Razer Copperhead Tempest Blue Gaming Mouse

again? isn’t this like the 3rd one?

Not wireless? Nice museum piece.

not bad…but not today

Oh no… not again. Now I need one more gaming laptop to use this one.

if it isn’t for a mac i don’t want it :stuck_out_tongue:

no one wants a mouse… We want 64GB Flash drives!!!

omfg more razer crap, instead of a woot-off, you can call it a fuck-off

so… when is something i want to buy going to come up?


This one just makes me laugh every time i see it. Looks like a thermonuclear device of destruction.

Actually 2 coupon codes…I might be buying a little more this wootoff.

Awesome mouse I’ve heard but I don’t need.

Not sure if want… there was a more expensive mouse earlier (I think DeathAdder) but it was only $19.99.

I’ll wait this one out. BUT BUY 3, COPPERHEADS ARE GOOD.

it’d be better if it was wireless…


How are these different from a regular mouse?

More Razer products that are not gaming mouses such as Headphones. Just maybe some headphones.

I admit i’m not much of a computer game player, outside of online games to kill time at work, but why would i need my mouse to have memory?

It’s a fantastic mouse, I would buy another for a spare if it weren’t a refurb.

wiggity wack