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Game mice tend to wear out so fast. How well do these hold up to those prolonged sprees of holiday gaming?


I love my Black Widow Keyboard and Death Adler Mice…so I just bought two more mice and one more keyboard.


My current two Death Adler mice are over a year old and one is a refurb.


I’ve been looking for a replacement mouse for a couple months, and the Razer Lachesis has generally favorable reviews. Good price for one, too.

In for one.



My deathadder from 4 years ago finally needs to be replaced due to the scroll wheel not being responsive anymore. As far as gaming mice go, it seems pretty durable.


YOU! We’re in the exact same boat. My deathadder is perfect other than the scroll wheel. It’s lasted years.


My Razer Diamondback that I bought here in 2008 still works great.


I’m currently using a Lachesis mouse that I’ve had for about a year now, and it’s held up perfectly! It was a refurb, but not from Woot.


I bought a Black Widow Ultimate last time these were up, and I admit I got pretty nervous waiting for it to arrive - there are a LOT of bad reviews out there to mull over. However, I absolutely love it. No problems with the keys, and the older 1.0 drivers aren’t too hard to find if you don’t want to use the Synapse software.


FINALLY! My DeathAdder died a few months back in a tragic beverage accident, and I snagged one before they sold out this time! Yay!

Also, for what it’s worth, I have seen a lot of folks on here complain about Razer keyboards. I’ve had a Lycosa for two years and it has never given me problems, despite some prolonged exposure to cat butt (why do they love to sit on it so much!?). I never installed the software that came with it - maybe that’s why. No reason to, since it doesn’t have fancy function keys for gaming.


Anyone used the Carcharias headset before? I need a new set of headphones, as my old Pioneer Steelwheels (from woot too) finally started cracking. My main issue with headphones is that due to a big head, I tend to put a lot of pressure on them and cheap plastic just breaks after a while.


Anyone ever used the xbox controller? I’m not too fond of the ideal of it being wired but willing to give it a shot if someone else thinks it’s worth it.


I bought 2 Carcharias headsets for the wife and I a couple years ago, and I have to say, they are by FAR the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn. They’re on the massive side as well, so they should be perfect for larger craniums. Sound quality-wise, they’re not that special… I was disappointed in the lack of bass, but considering how ridiculously comfortable they are, I could forgive it.


Not too pleased with my refurb, have had it 4-5 months from here. Sound has gone out in right speaker.

Kinda not happy with razer as the mako speakers (not from woot) I had were dropped from their support after 1 or 2 years, so now that mine went out with a steady clicking noise I was boned. Online showed it was a really common problem, probably why it got dropped so soon from product line.

The carcharias feel real nice and whatnot. Real long cord, but too much of a crapshoot from my experience.


I bought the Naga Epic Gaming Mouse a couple months back form Woot! (Refurb). I use it everyday for 6+hrs (NOT for gaming) and it works great. I don’t use it for gaming but I do use it for drafting in Microstation and AutoCAD. It has really sped up my work and increased my productivity. Most programs pick up the buttons and assign them appropriately. The battery will last the majoirty of the day but when it doesn’t you just pull the cord out of the dock and into the mouse and keep going. I love this mouse and hope I never have to switch.


I have a Razer Naga Epic that i got almost a year ago. I played Bf3 300 hours with it, along with my other games an d normal web surfing and such, and havent had a single problem with it. Still working as good as it was on day one.

Got a Razer blackwidow a couple weeks ago and its great as well.

Never had a problem with razer products, but these were also brand new and not refurbished.


I have one and the nice thing about a wired controller is that it will work for PC games such as the newer windows 8 games and headlines such as Skyrim on the PC. (with windows 8 it was plug and play, no driver installation required)

This controller is a bit loud, as the buttons are mechanical and each click is audible, but it is a solid buy for certain. FPS and Driving games benefit from the adjustable tension on the thumbsticks. /nod


I am seriously interested in the xbox controller too. Reviews on Amazon (and there were a LOT) seem squarely at ‘meh’. However the price is double at Amazon. Most are saying that this is the modded controller you want for your favorite first person shooters and it works like a dream for about a month. I have always cursed players I’ve suspected using modded controllers and can make care packages fall like rain. Nonetheless, for the price it is certainly tempting to get them and see what all the fuss is about.


That’s an accurate point of view. Mine was gifted to me, and It’s been solid for about a year now. Would I pay full price? Not me. This price makes it a good buy and there is a warranty, however short, to ensure the refurb works ok.