Razer DeathAdder 3500 Gaming Mouse

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Razer DeathAdder 3500 Gaming Mouse
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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this is a GREAT deal. I have the Razer Mamba (wired/wireless), which has the same form factor, and it is the best mouse I’ve ever experienced.

Razer makes great mice, if I had any need for a new mouse i’d buy 3 just on principal.

I did that last time and they are all still working great.

I have this mouse and love it! The buttons for switching dpi modes are easy to hit and respond instantly. The shape can be a little uncomfortable if you grip the mouse with you palm, but if you prefer to use your mouse with your fingertips, you’ll feel right at home using this!

Already have 3 wolfkings so I am good. FYI, nice to let us know wolfking was going out of business when they sold them to us. Had a terrible time finding drivers.

for those that don’t have a gaming mouse, get one. I definitely do better with my new “cheaters” mouse… or atleast that is the way I look at it. I think of it like nascar where you try to secretly mod your rig to give you an advantage.

This is discrimination! Lefties of the world unite! Let us throw off our oppressors and demand left handed mice!

A lame question, I know, but does it light up?

A refurbished mouse? That’s interesting…

I bought one in the last woot off, it is a great mouse at a great price.

I remember being completely blown away by Videodrome when it came out. It was too weird, too violent, too surealistic. I loved it, I told my friends about it (they thought I was sick).

I watched it on demand last month, and wow, it didn’t age well. Still interesting concept, but like bananas on the counter, it’s starting to draw flies.

and regarding the mouse… I cant understand why the Trackman Marble hasn’t taken over the world, all that desk space to move your mouse around when the marble gives better control and is great in a crowded space.

It’s better. Someone else didn’t like it, or didn’t know how to use it properly, or (less likely) something was wrong with it, so it was returned to the factory, checked out completely, and cleaned. Buy three.

do they clean out all of the hand cooties before shipping?

In for one! I have an older Razer Cooperhead that I bought from Woot in 2008 that needs replacing after years of hard service. Still works but is definitely showing its age.

No, but they add anti-hand cooties to the package before sealing it back up.


I had the older edition

TOTALLY WORTH THE BUY, amazing specs amazing grip, amazing feel

Must have taken a shot to the balls during manufacturing.

I’ve got this mouse and like it a lot. It’s comfortable and (funny as it sounds) the braided cable is really nice. Beware, the slick plastic on the sides of the mouse are prone to collect grossness.

In for three. Why? Because I’m crazy.

If you can throw in a gallon of gas, I’m in.