Razer Deathadder 3G Infrared Gaming Mouse

i want a BOC!

3rd gen

Snakes on a mouse,
snakes on a mouse,
looking like a fool with our
snakes on a mouse.

Damn ugly ass mouse…

CNet rates 4/5.(excellent)

“high accuracy and includes excellent customization software, and two responsive thumb-side buttons (righties only).”

too bad i just bought the wireless thing a couple hours ago

Welcome to www.Woot.Mouse.com

Geez, I gave up on bags of crap last woot, just looking for stuff I want from now on.

Can’t get into refurbed mice - but these will go fast.

I used to like Woot, but now all they sell is the same old junk! Enough already!

I want the one with the 4Gs and the wifi’s.

i hope they don’t have too many of these in the Woot warehouse…

I got a refurbed Razer Mamba from Woot last wootoff…it is incredible…dont let the refurb get you down. This mouse is great. I bought my death adder for 60$ from razer. Wasn’t a bad mouse, I just like the wireless capabilities of the Mamba. After 3+ years my old Death Adder is still working, my little bro loves it for TF2 and Counterstrike

Keep in mind that on Windows at least, the default USB polling interval is something like 125Hz. The magic number of 1000Hz is technically possible according to the USB standard, but pretty much no OS will actually do it by default.

This means that in order to actually get what you’re paying for, you’ll have to change the polling interval (or maybe their drivers do it for you). Unfortunately this can sometimes cause problems for other USB devices (though it’s probably somewhat rare).

Jeff Atwood talked about this some a of couple years ago: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2007/04/mouse-dpi-and-usb-polling-rate.html

Edit: You can test your current polling rate with this tool: http://www.filefront.com/15205437/dx_mouse_timer_dialog.zip/

This looks PERFECT to use while I am surfing for internet porn. Great for one-handed operation.

That’s not a knife!

i can haz qwalitee posts?

3G? Does this work with AT&T?

This would go great with the Kai Shun 18"x12" Hinoki Mouse Pad I bought earlier. :0|

In for One… as a Christmas present for my gaming brother in law that lives in my basement… no more generic crap mouse for him!!!


Blueteeths are better, dood.

I’ve had one for about two years or so. If it was broken I would totally buy this in a heartbeat.