Razer Diamondback 1600dpi Gaming Mouse



For a second there I thought it was Tuesday


I’ve got the next step up form this mouse (the Copperhead) and i absolutely LOVE it.

Razer makes the best gaming mice!!


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Oh yeah, check regular woot there while you are at it. :wink:


This is fifty buks on amazon. solid deal.


no thanks. holding out for Bluetooth mouse


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I have had one of these for about a year and it is one of the best gaming mice I have ever had. Great for larger hands. I bought mine for about $50.


not worth it - tryed this after MX510 and MX518 - MX518 is hands down the best wired mouse out there - 1600dpi too and made for right-handers
too bad it ain’t 2 for 1


darn woot! I swear sometimes woot is psychic… I was looking at a harmony 880 a few days before it went on woot for half retail price (refurbed), and now they put up this mouse after I was just considering buying it a week or two again.


Ohh, I may have to get one when I get paid today (if there are any left)… my IntelliMouse is dying and constantly disconnecting and reconnecting itself.


good deal, i’ll take blue


Jeez, I paid over $50 for mine, but it’s well worth it.


I recently got a Logitech G5 based on a friends recommendation, but I really wanted to give this mouse a try. At this price, I can’t resist it, and no matter what I decide to use, I’ll have an awesome backup mouse!


I’ve owned one of these for over a year and it is the best gaming mouse out there. I also own a Logitech G5 and it has some nice features (braided cord, etc.), but razer has some very nice features as well. It can be used with either hand the same. It has two side buttons in the same place on both sides of the mouse.

It is a precision gaming mouse. I’ve played some FPS with this mouse and it is the most accurate I’ve ever used. You can calibrate the sensitivity on the fly by holding down a button and using the wheel.

The drivers are very good too. I’ve got it setup for use with WoW. It was easy to set one of the side buttons to act as shift key to allow me twice as many spells from my action bars.

Can’t beat this price. I’d grab one if you are looking for a gaming mouse.


No BoG! wtf?! D= I want one…with I didn’t have my LogiFail…


I wonder how long this streak will keep going for me… There have been two items on sellout woot, and I’ve bought 2 items on sellout woot so far


I’m in for 2!
2 sellout.woot’s so far for me!


Wow, something I actually want is on Woot. (sellout.woot, but still woot nonetheless) This hasn’t happened to me in a while. SCORE!

In for one!


Ok, I’m in it a a green one.