Razer Diamondback 3G Gaming Mouse

It is a nice mouse. I bought last time it was on woot. I use it with my laptop becuase I like the G5 mouse I got better.

The Diamondback is too narrow and long for my liking the G5 is fatter and fits my hand better.

i think you can use the ps/2 adapter but will not get the full potential of the mouse because the usb allows the mouse to store information in it so you can change some settings on it example “the on the fly” which you can speed up the mouse cursor by a few clicks of buttons

i looooove my diamondback, got it for xmas 2 years ago. I was sick of issues with my wireless and wanted a mouse with high sensitivity. it has a highly customizable setting for sensitivity - i set it when i first plugged it an and have left it as is since (the blue light on the scroll wheel is also a perfect match with my backlit keyboard and power lights on monitor and case, bummer they only have red/green =P)

Just a warning to all those using Vista. The company Razer doesn’t support Vista, so there at no drivers or software that are vista compatible.

who still use ps/2? really

They are a great mouse Bought one retail for another computer 75 buck still worth the money a steal at 25!!


Either that or change the name to Moot!

I got a refurb copperhead many moons ago off woot, love it and never had a problem with it. I later got a pair of them there diamondbacks when they came around. One goes with my laptop and the other I took to work, where I spend most of my day on the computer.

The one diamondback at work probably gets the most exercise and it has shown no signs of wear after about 4 months. The feel of is perfect if you are used to a standard sized mouse. The feet on it keep it moving better than any other mouse I have had and it also looks damn good as well.

Ive got 4 razer mice in all, and honestly, if they offered the lachesis at a good price i would get that too.

Hey guys, I’ve had 2 razer mouses and I love them. The only thing is the left-click wears out in probably 4 - 5 months, then you gotta get a new one which is why I bought this mouse last time it was on woot (last month maybe). But for $30, this is a steal.

Manual and drivers can be found at here.

And, yes, I’m partially old school. I still use PS/2.

Razer is the mouse of choice for many of the professional esports teams. Including my favorite, MYM. =)

UMM have 3 of these mice on 3 computers ruining 3 Different versions of Vista.

They Work just fine.

Are these required drivers available for Windows only? I’d love to get one of these, but I have OS X.

Yep, I got Vista also, works completely fine.

Are you sure? I have this same mouse and I’m running Vista 32 bit. gg .
it works perfectly fine, don’t listen to him -_-

I’ve got a non-3G diamondback that I got from Woot some time ago, and it’s been great. Very responsive and precise, moves smoothly, buttons click effortlessly… almost TOO effortlessly, as sometimes just the weight of my fat fingers can click by accident.

But yeah… good deal, great mouse. Razer makes quality products. However, the MSRP on their stuff is usually pretty high, so Razer gear from Woot is almost always worth grabbing.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it works fine for me in Windows or Linux without drivers, though the sensitivity makes the mouse speed feel really fast. Adjust accordingly (or just install the drivers, if you’re a Windows person).

I got the mouse the last time around. I’ve been using it on my new laptop which runs vista just fine, I don’t know about whether or not proper drivers are installed, but it’s functioning perfectly. Also, it works fine without a mouse pad, but I’m not sure if it’s really good for the mouse not to use one.

Moral of the story: I’m a fan.


USB cords are good up to the maximum of 5 meters or 16.5 feet.

Nope, USB is guaranteed to 15 feet, beyond that you need a repeater cable that can boost the signal.

You are wrong. The mouse is Vista compatible. Here is the driver download page:


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