Razer Diamondback 3G Gaming Mouse

Here’s a hint: If you actually buy something the wait time for the next item is decreased. No, really!

i call her “vein girl”

Don’t hate just because you’re not hot enough to make a living doing something that’s a natural part of the human race…go back to your full-time jobs you uglies :wink:

What the fuck?

Won’t disagree with ya!
Just want it to be fair and not open to any ONE person’t interpretation of what is “acceptable” or leading towards sluttiness or any other such bull___.

Ok I’m here now what?

When you make mouse plural when talking about animals, it’s mice. Does the same apply for a computer mouse? or is it “I have three computer mouses”? just a thought to ponder as we await the next woot :slight_smile:

While we wait, what should I watch? I just got 2 DVD sets from Amazon…

Batman: TAS volume 1


Freakazoid! volume 1?

I bought one of these last time they could be wooted.

It freakin rocks. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that costs 3x as much that I never use anymore. Having a high resolution mouse is way better than I thought. I don’t really use it for gaming, either.

If only they made one with a free spinning wheel ala Logitech, I would pay full price for it.

oh burn. sorry dude.

Gahhh come on its time for some real carp!!


You’re beautiful, right?

I think it’s “meesez”

It’s like w00t’s writers can actually SEE my desk right now…except for the pizza stone…I’d never treat it that way!

This is kind of a yawn of a w00t-off, I have to admit…I just don’t think most w00ters have recovered from the weekend by Tuesday to be as clever and witty as we’ve been known to be in the past…

Sorry, noobs…

Oh, I did… that’s why we have Balloons Or Coloringbooks!!!

We need an exterminator

People in Alaska haven’t bought a damn thing!