Razer Diamondback Plasma Blue Gaming Mouse

W T F !!!

maybe time to update your god damn servers

MAN I couldn’t get freaking through -


Bank of China?
Box of Cigars?
Brotherhood of Chaos?
Boatload of Cubans?
Building Outrageous Cabins?
Beer O’Clock?
Bring Out (the) Cheese!

However you say it, let’s all hope that the Bride Of Chucky is on again next!

missed the crap…dang server to busy

Why Wooooooot!? Why have you forsaken me?!

that was some bs. I wasn’t able to by my carp.

What does it take to get a BOC???
If my neighbor had not been the fortunate consumer of a B-O- C, I would not have believed they’re attainable. I guess I’m just doomed to live a crapless life. Oh well…moving on. Nice mouse… NOT

WTF WAS THAT. I never got to get to woot during that entire B O C!?!?!? THIS IS MESSED UP. It said server full the whole time!!!


WOW! finally got a bag!

Nooooo!!!11 I missed it again!!!11!!!1


Here’s what its going for on eBay

ebay Search: Razor Gaming Mouse

in case anyone wanted to know…

that was horrible woot… I was there as soon as it uploaded and I still couldn’t get in!!!

fuck a biscuit I want my bag of crap

Anyone get a bagOcrap??

I DID!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What was that. BOC Got to the order page and it said server to busy. Looks like they need help in the ‘server’ department… W, I, T, F,


get better servers woot



get better servers woot

boooooooo stupid servers lol