Razer Diamondback Plasma Blue Gaming Mouse

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Refurbished Razer Diamondback Plasma Blue Gaming Mouse, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Razer Diamondback Plasma Blue Gaming Mouse

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This is soooo stupid. I wait all this time and I see the BoC right away at the exact moment is comes up and I still could not get one. This will probably be my last woot off. There was absolutely nothing else I could even try to do to get one faster.

Well, it was so busy I could only get my hands on one b a g, but I already got my email confirmation, and this makes Lucky Number Seven…Luck 'o The Irish strikes again!


Thank you for your purchase.

Your order number 24428580 for 1 Random Crap has been received by Woot on 9/24/2008 and your credit card has been charged $6.00.
Your order will typically ship within 5 business days. To check your order status, go to the Your Account tab at www.woot.com, log in and check your order history.

WTF? Did woot get their server from one of these bags? C’mon … with all the money you are making on this stuff - surely you can upgrade the servers. After all , it isn’t like you put up the hot item every day …

I thought I’d gotten it… got to the “want three” and put in my security code and hit “go”, but then it blew out on me. Oh well. I’ve gotten two bags of crap before and they’re not that exciting.

I can’t see anything!

servers suck servers suck servers suck

What a loadof goat ballz, twice now made it to the buy page for the bag of sh*t and the damned servers suk!

Finally… after YEARS, and many, many missed hours of sleep, I finally scored a bag. email confirmation received. yay!

dang you woot and your server.


5th woot off that i cant get the damn thing. the farthest i got is to the screen where you pick how many you want WTF.

Just got my first BOC!!! I clicked Want 3 but it only gave me Want 1. Does the mean I still get it only less items? Sorry, noob question, but it’s the first time my BOC order actually went through.

Hope your servers crash, burn and fall into the center of the earth.

That was a pitiful performance, dudes.

Not a prayer. Got all the way to entering in the CRN code and you died died died died.

This isn’t fun anymore (after 4 tries) and there’s other fish in the sea.

Better fix things or you’re going to make yourselves obsolete. Someone who can afford servers, say…


I hate you, I hate you and I don’t even know you…

OK not really but good grief, they need new servers


Yay, we got 5 b.o.c! =D


The Body Of Christ



Bank of China?
Box of Cigars?
Brotherhood of Chaos?
Boatload of Cubans?
Building Outrageous Cabins?
Beer O’Clock?
Bring Out (the) Cheese!

However you say it, let’s all hope that the Bride Of Chucky is on again next!

Trying to woot from Iraq makes it twice as hard!