Razer Diamondback Salamander 1600dpi Gaming Mouse



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Razer Diamondback Salamander 1600dpi Gaming Mouse
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Razer Diamondback Salamander 1600dpi Gaming Mouse

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Can someone tell me what is so great about this mouse?





Nice. Great Mince might I add.


too bad i dont need a mouse :frowning:

give us refurb lappys!


good mouse, although i love my copperhead :slight_smile:





Crap…just bought a new mouse. Would have jumped on this one.


oooh pleasssse. Do you really need a “Gaming Mouse”…

of course you do! Buy them allllllllll!


ooo nice mouse :slight_smile: not gonna buy one though


I just bought this the other day lol. Its nice and it came with a pouch


Weird, I just plugged my mouse in that I got from Woot.

It’s actually this same one, I think. It’s good, I liked it.


good deal…but these mice are on woot all the time…


I love the Umbrellas in the reflection… Are those Alien Bees Flashes by chance?


What’s the big deal with these “gaming” mice? Are they really that much better? If so, how?


Did you notice the reflection of the photographer’s lighting on the smooth surface of the mouse? Ohhhh…you NEED one of these smooth mice in your hand, crazy gamer???


If it were wireless I’d might consider


Blah! Seems every time I have kept an eye on a wootoff, I’ve seen a Dyson Vacuum crop up. Now that I’m actually LOOKING for one, I stayed up all night, and so far nada.

I know the minute i go to sleep I’m going to miss the vacuum.


Was gonna buy one, but went to quick. Seems like these small quantity items are being sold to eliminate the b o c?