Razer Event

I bought the Onza controller for the xbox recently and have really enjoyed it so far. I use a corded headset, and usually the combination of two corded devices creates feedback during gameplay if I am in gamechat with my clanmates or friends. God that sounded nerdy.

Anyway, this controller is great…no feedback, the cord is super long so I can sit in my recliner and game to my hearts content. Highly recommend it.

Does the back of that keyboard have the mouse and/or headphone and mic sockets like the Lycosa does?

After three years, I think the cable on my Lycosa is finally starting to fatigue and lose connection intermittently. I need a replacement.


While this event doesn’t feature the Black Widow Ultimate refurbished that I purchased last time, I do want to say that mine arrived in near perfect condition. I am not sure whether to pursue it, but the backlit keyboard light for the ‘S’ key doesn’t work - however, the key itself functions well. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, though I guess I would like all the backlights to work as well.

I did purchase a Nostromo at that time and it IS perfect - so much of an upgrade from the Belkin N52 that I used previously (went through 2 of them) and N50 (went through 2 of them).

Thanks w00t!

The Naga Epic Gaming Mouse (refurb) that I bought in october is still going strong. I don’t play games but I use it daily to draft in microstation.

I had really bad luck with a BlackWidow keyboard I got off of Woot. It arrived with several keys DOA and Razer support was not very helpful. They refused to believe the item was warrantied until I sent them a screen shot of the Woot product page with the warranty section highlighted. I wound up having to ship it back on my own dime. It will be the last Razer product I buy.

Does the nostromo completely replace a keyboard for functions other than typing?
Or is it just an add on?

And is wired or wireless for the naga better?

Please and thank you

I’ve bought multiple Razer refurbs when they go up on woot.

Unfortunately, neither of the two are on this one, but I will say I’ve had the Razer Tron mouse for over a year and it’s worked great.

The Carcharias refurb headset I purchased a few months is still kicking just fine as well, and O GAWD is it much more comfortable than my previous headset, the felt is so cozy.

In my peripheral purchase history, I really can’t see a reason to not just go refurb over new with how well these two are kickin.

I guess none of the Woot! staff that post know (or are allowed to say) if the Lycosa is going to be back for sale any time soon, eh? (Even the Arctosa if it has the mouse socket like the Lycosa has)

The duct tape trying to hold the wonky cord steady on mine isn’t helping a whole lot.

Nosotro has software that allows you to program macros. If you wanted, with a single button press, you can have it open you browser, go to a specific site, and type in your password. It will just take all day to set it up for each of those. I do like it, but I programmed the thumb joystick to be wasd for games. However the joystick is stiff, so I kinda have to hold it still with my fingers while moving - so not ideal. It will remember many keymaps and can auto switch to the desired one when you open a program.

If you are fanatic about gaming don’t go wireless. If you want to move around a large area freely get wireless. Otherwise flip a coin.

Would the Onza work in a PC as well, over USB?

Yes it works with PC.
I’m not sure if you have to install it on the pc. I tried but couldn’t get it to work. I’m terrible with computers but I have a friend that plays Battle Field all the time with it, SWEAR!

This controller is awesome! There is a lot of bad feedback on it being weak. You really cannot smash it or throw it. In responsible hands its amazing. I think playing with the sticks ultra tight causes the ONZA to break faster. To loose and after a few months it began to tighten up on me. On dark souls, for some reason the “B” button is extra sensitive so it causes me to back-step, NOT GOOD!
This is after a lot of gaming, even my silver controller (the movable d-pad one has problems too, from m$).
Its a great controller that feels amazing in the hands, lighter than a regular controller, responsive, and the buttons feel sooooooo gooooood! ha.
just hope RZR did a good job, I’ll get another soon.


According to Razer’s FAQ, the Razer Onza is fully compatible with PC. The FAQ is also worth a read on its own, it talks a lot about the capabilities and limitations of the Onza and Onza Tournament Edition. It’s also worth a read to see Razer’s attempt at snarky humor in almost all of of the answers.

Looks pretty much same as n52. If so, is definitely a strong buy. My FPS days are behind me, but I don’t regret for a second going in for a proper game pad. Being able to configure macros is just icing on the cake.

That’s actually the reason I bought one the last time Razer stuff was being sold.

I’m running Win7 and it just plugs and plays, even registers as “XBOX360 GAMEPAD” in the Devices menu. Not sure how instantly compatible it is with Vista or XP.

It feels pretty good for a PC gamepad to me. Light weight, grippy joysticks, and pretty springy triggers. I’ve read a few complaints about the A/B/X/Y buttons not having enough feel or resistance to press them, but I like it. They’re very, uhh, clicky. Like buttons on a mouse.

The “multi function buttons” are a novel idea, but I found myself often hitting the MFB shoulder buttons instead of the actual shoulder button I was going for. So I just mapped them to the shoulder buttons to stop any confusion.

The cord is long. Like ridiculous long. I could probably take it to the next room and still have slack in the cord. Fortunately they give you a handy little velcro loop to bind it up so it won’t just lay all over the place.

The website says it has force feedback, but from the PC games I’ve played and tinkering with their joypad settings and whatnot, I can’t seem to get any. Maybe it’s only on the 360.

But for $25 it’s a pretty nice gamepad, I enjoy it! (a lot more than using my PS2 controller through a USB converter!)

Be careful when buying the Onzas. I ordered two of them last time, and both of the ones I got were NOT tournament edition. Woot said to RMA them at my own expense, which I find extremely annoying. I ended up giving them away. The only reason I bought them was for the adjustable tension, but those are on the TE only. One had a squeaky and clicky trigger, the other one had a loose joystick. I’ve bought refurb stuff from woot before; two mambas, an orochi, snf s lycosa. the mice all worked flawlessly, the lycosa was trash after a year from scissor switch wear and tear, and both Onzas were…well, disappointing. Maybe I just got unlucky!

Edit: As a side note, the triggers to me felt…uncomfortable. The buttons a bit…flimsy. The rest of the controller felt great. Overall still playable for $25, and assuming you do indeed get the TE is probably worth the money if you’re interested. Both worked with no problems on PC. If you’re on the fence, I say take your chances, buy one, and eat a few burritos less this week.

Edit2: You’ll know if you got the tournament edition if it has a braided cord, adjustable tension joysticks, and the ABXY buttons light up.

It looks the same as the Belkin n52te I wooted quite some time back. I use mine with SolidWorks CAD. I have a hard time living without it when I have to use someone else’s computer. I don’t know why this or some similar device hasn’t taken off in the CAD (computer aided design) world.

I ordered the refurb 2012 Naga and it arrived on the 24th.

The mouse is DOA, but oddly so.

You plug it in and it seems to work just fine for 10-20 seconds, but then the cursor will refuse to move for 3-5 seconds before it starts to work again and then break again, ad infinitum. The buttons and clicks work just fine during this time period, it’s just the cursor that refuses to work.

I tried to use it on multiple computers, with the latest Razer Synapse 2.0 software, the latest Drivers, latest Firmware, everything.

I bet whoever processed the refurb on the mouse just plugged it in for a few seconds to verify the cursor moves and then immediately repackaged it…

I contacted Razer on the 25th via opening a ticket on their website describing the issue and all of the troubleshooting that I had done to verify that it was truly the device’s issue, and not mine.

They finally got back to me on the 28th requesting that I try plugging it in to a different USB port, different computer, latest firmware…

Sorry for the delayed response, if you are still encountering issues with contacting and resolving the issue with Razer, please feel free to email Woot Member Services at support@woot.com and they’ll be glad to assist you with this problem.