Razer Gaming Accessories

It’s shame the keyboards don’t come in red.

I got the 2013 Ultimate keyboard just recently from Woot and have been exceptionally happy with it. Works and looks like new.

The reason I mention it is my previously purchased Ultimate (also from Woot) actually had a bad LED for the “S” key, which marred its looks but not its performance.

Good stuff!

Nevermind, I clearly can’t read lol thanks

Recent bought the Razer Blackwidow 2013 refurb. Loving the MX blues, great balance good for CS:GO. No cosmetic damage and the packaging, while OEM, was fine. Everything works and no issues. Don’t forget to grab the software off of Razers website.

That mouse looks sick! Wish it was actually part of the sale…

Please bring back the Death Adder!!

Just to make sure that I’m not missing something, this keyboard doesn’t have the backlit keys - correct?

Which keyboard?